How do you capture whoever is releasing the Spirit Balls?

Capture all of the Spirit Balls, then use the Poltergust to pull the globe from its stand. Shoot the globe into a nearby object to reveal the Oval Amethyst. After you collect the Gem, leave the Library and return to the Kitchen.

How do you catch a Polterpup?

First, follow the ghosts into the Warehouse. Here you’ll capture a Greenie with a Paranormal Shield. Next go to the Workshop and follow the Polterpup trail to the machine. Check it, and the Polterpup will appear, and run away up to the 2nd floor.

How do you fix the water supply in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

With the bubble in your Poltergust, blow to inflate the bubble, letting Luigi float into the air. Avoid the spiked plants and land on the next floor, leading to the Water Supply.

How do you beat the Ice Monster in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

Try and make the first shot hit the middle, as the Ice Monster will steadily move farther and farther back, making gettting a direct hit a pain. The best trick is to develop a rhythm and a place to shoot along the outside, then time how long it takes for the bomb to get to the Ice Monster.

Where is the dark light device in Luigi’s Mansion?

By pressing and holding “Y” button on the 3DS, Luigi will be able to use the Dark-Light Device,; if “Y” is held for too long, it will slightly burn, but it won’t lose health, and if a hidden item is found, a transparent, white silhouette of the item will become more and more visible as colorful rings fly around it.

Will there be a luigis mansion 4?

Nintendo has just announced Luigi’s Mansion 4: Luigi’s Apartment.

Why does Luigi have Ghost dog?

Polterpup is a white ghost dog that appears in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and makes a return in Luigi’s Mansion 3. In story mode, he is notorious for taking special Keys that Luigi needs to progress, hence his role as a mini-boss.

Where is the boo in a job for a plumber?

the Hydro Generator
Boo location In the Hydro Generator on the right side of the room, in a hidden toolbox.

Where is the boo in across the chasm?

Boo – ParaBoola – On the way to the Crystal Quarry, stop in the Deep Hall for a moment. The kettle on the firepit is missing! Reveal it with the darklight, then blow it over the fire to cause the Boo in hiding to erput.

Is there a boilerworks walkthrough for Luigis Mansion 3?

This portion of the Luigi’s Mansion 3 guide covers the Boilerworks Walkthrough and all the Boilerworks gems (note: not all of these can be collected on the first run so you’ll have to come back regardless).

How many missions are there in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

The Walkthrough for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon contains all Gem Locations and Boo Locations and boss fight guides, in addition to a step-by-step guide and video of each of the game’s 34 missions. Luigi’s Mansion 2 is broken up into 5 different mansions with 3 to 5 “missions”, a boss fight, and a bonus mission.

Are there hidden Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 2?

Each mission in Luigi’s Mansion 2 contains a hidden Boo, and when all boos are found in a mansion, the bonus mission is unlocked. Every mansion also contains 13 collectible gems . Tip: When you have a ghost in the suction of the poltergust other free ghosts will attack you.

How to defeat Hider in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon?

Defeat him to gain it back, then enter the door on the right to follow the other Hider into the Garden. The Hider will flee behind some hedges. To follow him, pull the lever on the lawn mower to send it hurtling down through the hedges, and follow the trail of coins.