How do you create a workbook in Excel to open an event?

Workbook Open Event

  1. Open the Visual Basic Editor.
  2. Double click on This Workbook in the Project Explorer.
  3. Choose Workbook from the left drop-down list. Choose Open from the right drop-down list.
  4. Add the following code line to the Workbook Open Event: MsgBox “Good Morning”
  5. Save, close and reopen the Excel file. Result:

How do I trigger an event in Excel VBA?

When you double-click on the worksheet object in which you want to place the code, it would open the code window for that worksheet. While you can start writing the code from scratch, it’s much better to select the event from a list of options and let VBA automatically insert the relevant code for the selected event.

Which event runs macros automatically in Excel VBA while opening workbook?

Using Auto open method to run a macro automatically: Insert a New Module from Insert Menu. Copy the above code and Paste in the code window. Save the file as macro enabled workbook. Open the workbook to test it, it will Run a Macro Automatically.

How do I activate an open workbook in Excel VBA?

Steps to Activate a Workbook

  1. Type “Workbooks” to use the workbook object.
  2. Specify the workbook name in the double quotation marks.
  3. Enter a dot (.) to get the list of properties and methods.
  4. Select the Activate method from the list or you can also type it.
  5. In the end, run the code to activate the workbook.

What is enable events in Excel?

EnableEvents is a property in Excel VBA where you can specify whether you want events to take place when the VBA code is running or not. An event is usually attached to an object. VBA Events could include things such as activating a worksheet or saving a workbook or double-clicking on a cell.

How do I use events in VBA?


  1. A workbook event is defined as an action that triggers the execution of a specific macro in Excel.
  2. VBA automatically executes an event once a user specifies the code for an event that has already occurred.
  3. An example of a VBA worksheet event is Open, which is triggered as soon as a Workbook is activated.

Which is a proper object hierarchy in VBA?

The VBA objects are organized in a hierarchy, which makes them easier to reference. At the top of this hierarchy is the Excel Application. All the objects within Excel are members or sub-members of the Application object. Here is a fully qualified line of code that starts at the application level.

How do I automatically run a macro when a cell changes?

Go to the VBA Editor (Alt + F11) and double-click the name of the spreadsheet that contains the cell that will change or just right-click the worksheet tab and click View Code. In the window that opens, select Worksheet from the left drop-down menu and Change from the right drop-down menu.

How do I activate a worksheet and workbook in VBA?


  1. Open an excel workbook.
  2. Press Alt+F11 to open VBA Editor.
  3. Insert a new module from Insert menu.
  4. Copy the above code and Paste in the code window.
  5. Press F5 to see the output.
  6. You should see Aactivated workbook and Worksheet.
  7. Save the file as macro enabled workbook.

What are events in Excel VBA?

VBA workbook events are defined as an action performed by a user in Microsoft Excel that can trigger the execution of a specified macro. For example, when a user opens a workbook in Excel, the event “Workbook_Open” is triggered.

How do I open Excel workbook in VBA?

Open an excel workbook. Press Alt+F11 to open VBA Editor. Insert a new module from Insert menu. Copy the above code and Paste in the code window. Press F5 to see the output. You should see opened workbook.

How to use events in Excel VBA?

Excel VBA DoEvents – Example #1 Open a module in VBA from Insert menu tab as shown below. Write the subprocedure of VBA DoEvents or we can choose any name to define the code as per our need. Now define a variable in any name with data types Long. Now open a For-Next loop where we will put the conditions.

What is open event in Excel?

One common use of Workbook_Open Event is that people make application in Excel User Form and they want the Form look like a non-Excel, real Windows application. When user opens the Workbook, a Form pops up and the Excel application (the Excel background) is hidden. You may ask why people do this instead of doing a real Visual Basic Application.

How do you save in VBA?

On the File menu, click Save xxx.VBA. ” xxx ” represents the file name. On the toolbar, click “Save Project File” icon. Press Ctrl + S keys on the keyboard. The Save As dialog box appears. Specify the file name and location (drive or folder) and click Save.