How do you cut jeans with a razor?

Part 2 of 2: Cutting Your Denim

  1. Put a thick magazine inside the jeans under where you’ll be distressing.
  2. Use a razor blade to carefully make slits where you’re distressing.
  3. Pull the threads of the slits apart to create natural-looking holes.
  4. Fray pockets and other areas with a disposable shaving razor.

How do you make realistic ripped jeans?

To ensure your jeans look as authentically ripped as possible, a cheese grater, steel wool, sandpaper and a pumice stone or foot file work best. To create holes, use a pair of small but sharp nail scissors; precision is key here.

What do you do if your jeans are too long?

What to Do If Your Jeans Are Too Long

  1. Wear Them Higher on Your Waist. If your jeans are too long, try wearing them higher on your waist.
  2. Shrink Them. If your jeans are both too long and too wide, you can try shrinking them.
  3. Roll Them Up.
  4. Choose Selvedge Jeans.
  5. Place Over the Top of Your Footwear.
  6. Buy Custom-Sized Jeans.

Can you make distressed jeans with a razor?

Distressed jeans can be pricey, but with just a little effort, you can make a pair yourself. All you need is a razor and a sketch of what you want your jeans to look like. By making a few cuts along the knee and upper thigh of a plain pair of jeans, you can add a stylish pair of distressed jeans to your wardrobe.

Can you make ripped jeans out of regular jeans?

Take your regular jeans and add a few rips, shreds, scrapes, frays and fades to it. You have yourself a ripped/distressed jeans. We cannot point to who started it, but it was part of the grunge fashion movement, but now they have practically taken over. Jeans, shorts, jackets and you name it—they are all ripped!

How can I make my jeans look distressed?

Another thing you can do to make them distressed is taking a darker shade jeans and bleach or sandpaper it to fade it out; to make it seem worn out or distressed. Yes, we are a generation who pay for stuff like this.

What’s the best way to make faded jeans?

Add subtle touches to distress your jeans with a combination of other methods or just as a stand alone. Either way is totally fine. You could add bleach for a faded look or take a pumice stone or sandpaper or even a steel wool and scrape off the parts of the jeans on which you want the faded look.