How do you end the last slide in Powerpoint?

Here are a few ways to effectively conclude a presentation:

  1. Summarize the key points.
  2. Echo the core message.
  3. Present a call to action.
  4. Use a powerful quote.
  5. Ask a rhetorical question.
  6. Tell a story.
  7. Give a visual image.
  8. Acknowledge others.

How do you end a slide presentation?

At the end of your talk take them back over what you’ve spoken about but don’t just list the different ideas you developed, show how they are related and how they support your main argument. 3. Don’t show a Thank-You slide. I see so many presenters that show a slide that says “Thank you!” at the end of their talk.

What is a conclusion slide for Powerpoint?

The goal is to use your conclusion to stress the most relevant facts and opinions that you presented. This is the information you want your listeners to remember. Use only one “conclusion” slide, and make sure it’s the last one of your entire presentation.

How do you add an end slide in Powerpoint?

Go to the File tab and select Options. Select Advanced. Scroll down to the Slideshow section. Select the End with a black slide check box.

What to say to end a presentation?

Thank Your Audience

  • I sincerely appreciate your attention today/this evening/this morning.
  • And that brings us to the end.
  • Thank you so much for your interest and attention.
  • At this time, I’d like to have my colleague speak so I’ll finish up by saying thank you for your attention.

What is a good conclusion for a presentation?

A good presentation conclusion will have an effective summary, recommendation or call to action, and an opportunity to address any open issues through questions. A part of a presentation conclusion that often gets forgotten is a clear and effective “signal to the end”.

How do you start and end a presentation?

Check out these eight memorable ways to open and close a presentation.

  1. Start with a, “Thank you,” instead of ending with one.
  2. Hook your audience with a bold statement.
  3. Transition between presentation points.
  4. Tell a personal story.
  5. Show the audience how it benefits.
  6. Summarize key takeaways.
  7. End with an ask.

How do you signal a conclusion?

3 phrases to use as a signal to the end in your presentation conclusion

  1. “This brings me to the end of my presentation. To summarize my main points,…”
  2. “Well, that is all I have for today. Let me now summarize what I talked about…. ”
  3. “I have now come to the end of my presentation. In summary, I spoke about…”

How do you end a PowerPoint?

Add Powerful Multimedia Impact. One of the best ways to end a PowerPoint presentation is to use powerful multimedia content with appealing sound and visual effects. Many a times a message delivered with eye-catching graphics and a gripping background score can result in a convinced audience, as compared to a mute presentation. Add A Touch Of Humor.

How do you close a PowerPoint presentation?

To close a presentation if you only have a single presentation open and you want to leave the PowerPoint application open, click the “File” tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Close” command to close the file and leave the program open. Alternatively, to close the presentation and also exit…

How do I start a PowerPoint presentation?

There are several ways you can begin your presentation: Click the Start From Beginning command on the Quick Access Toolbar, or press the F5 key at the top of your keyboard. Select the Slide Show view command at the bottom of the PowerPoint window to begin a presentation from the current slide.

What is a good PowerPoint presentation?

Top 10 PowerPoint Presentation Tips to Make Good Presentation Keep it simple and to the point. One PowerPoint presentaion is a tool for you to show your story, so just leave the irrevelant words and pictures out of Use easy transitions. Many people love use various presentation transitions between two slides, because they think transitions can make the presentation alive. Choose the font perfectly.