How do you get past the Black Lake in LEGO Harry Potter?

The Black Lake is an underwater stage, so you’ll need to get used to swimming. Do so by collecting any obvious LEGO studs throughout the area, including those that are obscured by seaweed along the lagoon’s murky floor. Note that as you swim through this stage, you can really only swim left, right, up and down.

What is in the Black Lake in Harry Potter?

It is home to a Giant Squid, Grindylows, and a colony of Merpeople. The lake was also used as the site of the Second Task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Where is the student in peril in the first task?

Student In Peril(02:35): In the same room as final crest, whilst you’re running away from the stampeding dragon, there is a silver-locked cabinet. The student is inside.

How do you get the gold bricks in Diagon Alley?

Finally, you can find two of the Gold Brick items in Diagon Alley. One is located in the Emporium (use Wingardium Leviosa magic to snag it) and the other is in the Borgin and Burkes shop, just off the lower left side of Knockturn Alley.

Where is the Black Lake filmed in Harry Potter?

Filmed here: Hogwart’s Lake, aka The Black Lake This beautiful loch in the Scottish Highlands, very close to the previous location Glenfinnan Viaduct, has been used various times throughout the films as the backdrop for Hogwarts.

Is there a Kraken in Harry Potter?

The Kraken was a magical water creature. A shop named Krakens, presumably manufacturing and selling paints, dyes, and inks amongst other things, was located in Diagon Alley North Side.

Which Gryffindor is a half-blood?

The trio of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger consists of all three types of Wizards. Harry being half-blood, Ron being Pure-blood, and Hermione being Muggle-born.

Is Black Lake safe to swim in?

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation is warning people and pets to stay away from the water at Black Lake in Hammond. The state has confirmed blue-green algae and toxins in the lake, in high enough quantities to cause health effects in those who swim in or drink the water.

Where is the student in peril the first task?

After the dragon starts chasing you along the castle rampart in the stage’s second portion, watch for a cupboard with a lock on it. Blast open the lock with Reducto magic and open the cupboard to rescue a Student in Peril.

How to find the Hufflepuff crest in year 4 the Black Lake?

Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. How can I find the Hufflepuff Crest in Year 4 The Black Lake? I’ve tried using Lumos like everyone says you’re supposed to do over and over again, but still nothing is happening! Is there some sort of super specific timing needed or do you have to be in an exact spot or something?

How to remove black ink from Black Lake?

11) Remove the black ink left behind by the squid using Lumos Solem to reveal the Yellow Crest piece. 12) Get the pearl and give it to the clam blocking your path.

How to get to the Black Lake in Lego Harry Potter?

4) Use Wingardium Leviosa to move the skeleton boat out of the way. 5) Go through the three pieces of pipe, clearing obstacles as you go. 6) Connect the pieces you eventually find on the right to the circular piece on top of the tall platform. 7) In the second area go to the right and take the lower path.

How to remove the yellow crest in Lego Harry Potter?

Use LuSo to remove it all and it will leave behind the Yellow Crest piece. Swim to the upper right first then shoot the thingy there to get the pearl. Bring it back to the clam hindering your path to the lower right. Continue east to the next area.