How do you get shift codes for Borderlands?

Shift Codes are used to collect Golden Keys which unlock a chest on Sanctuary that will reward you will loot! They are distributed sometimes at random by following Gearbox and the Borderlands social channels, or they can be distributed during various events.

Where is the golden key code for Borderlands 3 ps4?

Go to > SHiFT > Redeem Codes > OR Insiders >Redeem code or click here. Then *click on the type of code you have* and enter code. Points will be added to your account.

Are there shift codes for Borderlands 1?

Although the very first Borderlands Game did not have SHiFT Codes, when it was re-released in 2019 as the ‘Enhanced Edition’ the ability to use SHiFT Codes was added. Commonly referred to as BL:GOTY this game receives codes as part of the ‘Classic Fridays’ cycle where every few weeks 2 new codes are published.

Do shift codes still work 2021?

From the end of June 2021 into July, there are only a few active SHiFT codes with an expiration date that players can redeem for Golden Keys. There are also a few permanent codes that were added back in September of 2020 that still work and can be especially helpful for new players or players with a new account.

Can you enter shift codes online?

You can redeem a Shift Code online through two different websites. The main one is the Borderlands VIP site, but at launch, some codes also work on the original dedicated Shift rewards website.

Do SHiFT codes expire?

The main catch is that Shift codes almost always expire, and sometimes pretty quick. That’s why it’s handy to keep a guide like this bookmarked. We’re keeping a living log of every Shift code is it comes in alongside its reported expiration and the occasional permanent code.

How do you get unlimited shift codes for Borderlands 3?

The Borderlands 3 unlimited Golden Key glitch begins by navigating to the Social tab through the game’s main menu. From here, players should access the Shift Code tab and submit a BL3 Shift Code in the designated space. Now, players can open their Borderlands 3 mailbox and redeem five BL3 Golden Keys.

How do I redeem shift codes for Borderlands 1?

How to Redeem Borderlands Shift Codes?

  1. Head to
  2. Sign up or Log in to your account.
  3. Find Rewards and type your code there.
  4. You can also launch the game > Game Menu > Social to redeem keys which will appear in the mail in the game.

Are there any new shift codes for Borderlands 3?

Permanent Borderlands 3 Shift codes

  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H – 3 Golden Keys.
  • ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 – 1 Golden Key.
  • 9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z – 3 Golden Keys.
  • ZRWBJ-ST6XR-CBFKT-JT3J3-FRXJ5 – 3 Golden Keys.
  • Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 – 3 Golden Keys.

How do you use Shift Codes?

1) In the main menu of Borderlands 2, select “Extras.” 2) Select “Shift Codes” from the “Extras” menu. 3) From the “My Offers” screen, choose “Shift Code.” 4) Enter your 25-digit SHiFT code for Borderlands 2, then hit “Submit.”

How often do shift codes come out?

Keep in mind that Shift codes typically expire after 2-3 weeks, so check in once a week or so if you’re actively looking to stockpile.

What are the shift codes for Borderlands 2?

The SHiFT code is: C35TB-WS6ST-TXBRK-TTTJT-44H6H and can be redeemed in Borderlands 2 or on the SHiFT website. Another skin code may be given out during the Borderlands PAX East panel tomorrow.

Where is the Golden Key in Borderlands 2?

Golden Keys in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel are no longer added directly to your character as they were in Borderlands 2. Instead, Golden Keys are now stored in the SHiFT machine in the center of Concordia. To retrieve your Golden Keys: – Go to the SHiFT Machine in Concordia. -Tab over from “SHiFT News” to “Repository”.

What is a shift code?

shift code. A code that represents the timeframe that an employee will be associated to when working on a particular day. The shift code determines the starting time, the hours, the length, and the earning code to be paid.