How do you handle cards smoothly?

Hold the deck pips-down in the palm of your left hand. Grip lightly. Your thumb and middle fingers should extend above the top of the deck. Using the index finger and thumb of your right hand, gently tug a section of the deck—about ¾ of the deck off the bottom—out in a single stack.

How do you smoothly spread cards?

Place the deck a little to the left in front of you. Bevel the deck a little bit. What that means is that you make the deck slant. Apply some pressure, and slowly spread the cards from left to right. Your index finger spread the cards so they don’t clump up.

How to pluck a playing card out of thin air?

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What’s the best way to fan a deck of cards?

Fan the cards with your right thumb. Bring your right thumb onto the left edge of the deck, and use it to push the cards into a fan shape, pivoting around your left thumb. Press down slightly with your thumb as you do this, but keep it gentle enough that the cards spread out in an even fan instead of clumping together in chunks.

What does it mean to fan a card?

Fanning cards is the art of holding all the cards out fan-style in one hand so all cards can be seen at once. This is typically done so another participant may select one or more of the cards for a trick or game.

What’s the best way to close a fan?

Practice the one-handed close. It’s easy to close the fan again with your free hand, moving the cards in the same direction as the fan to put them back into one stack. For a more advanced technique, practice using the fingers holding the cards to pull them closed instead.