How do you reprogram a water softener?

Softener Programming Guide

  1. Set the Current Time. To set the current time, press the Select button until you see ‘Set Time’, with the clock flashing (pictured below).
  2. Set the Water Hardness. Press the Select button to advance to the ‘Set Hardness’ screen.
  3. Set the Recharge Time.
  4. Set the Salt Type.

What are the stages of water softener regeneration?

To regenerate a softener that has reached capacity, you must conduct four steps: backwash, brine draw, slow rinse, and fast rinse.

How much water should be in the brine tank?

Wet Brine Tanks: That works out to about 15-25 cm (6-10 inches) of water. The water will be in your tank even in between regeneration times or cycles. You may not see the water if your salt level is higher than your water level.

How do you know if your water softener is regenerating?

You can tell if your whirlpool water softener is working by checking to see how much salt is in its week to week and if it is going down at all or not. If it is then it is regenerating.

What should I set my water hardness to?

What is the Ideal Water Hardness?

  1. 0–3: If your hard water test strip indicates that your water is between 0–3 grains per gallon, your water doesn’t require softening.
  2. 3–7: Water between 3–7 gpg is moderately hard, causing spotty dishes and dry skin.

How do I know what water softener setting to use?

How do I know what water softener setting to use? Once you understand exactly what the hardness level is, you will want to set the softener in accordance with the level. For instance, if your hardness is running at a 25, you would set it to 25 on the unit.

How much water should be in my softener brine tank?

We recommend keeping your brine tank at least one quarter full of water softener salt at all times, and no more than four to six inches below the top of the tank for optimum efficiency.

What is the owner’s manual for the Econominder 5600?

5600 / 5600 Econominder Owner’s Manual For questions or in case of emergency, please call your local service technician (preferably the one who installed the system). Product Features, Benefits, & Job Specification Sheet IMPORTANT: The information, specifications and illustrations in this manual are based on the latest

How to install a Model 5600 water softener?

MODEL 5600 Installation and Start-Up Procedure The water softener should be installed with the inlet, outlet and drain connections made in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and to meet applicable plumbing codes. MANUAL 24 HOUR GEAR REGENERATION KNOB SKIPPER WHEEL (SHOWS EVERY…

How to manually regenerate a 5600 Econominder valve?

Forcing a Manual Regeneration: To manually regenerate valve, turn the manual regeneration knob clockwise until it reads “REGEN.” NOTE: Unit will regenerate tonight when the gallon capacity reaches zero. 5600 Econominder Model Setting Time of Day & Initiating a Manual Regeneration

Where is the brine tank on a Econominder 5600?

Locate the softener close to a clean working drain and connect according to local plumbing codes. The brine tank should be located within 20 feet of the water softener. Drain cannot be elevated more than 36 inches or exceed 20 feet in length. Bypass Valves