How do you size an upright bass?

A general rule for children is to choose a bass one size smaller than usual violin size for age. A smaller bass will have a shorter string length. So if the child’s hand is small, a smaller size bass would be a better fit. A smaller instrument is MUCH easier to play because of the shorter string length.

What is the scale length of a 3/4 upright bass?

41-42 inches
An “average” 3/4 size bass has a scale length in the neighborhood of 41-42 inches with an afterlength around seven inches.

What size is a 3/4 double bass?

Size Overall Lenght A Body Lenght B
1/4 155 95
1/2 167 102
3/4 186 112
4/4 197 119

How tall do you have to be to play a full size bass?

The standard size bass for adults is ¾. 7/8 and 4/4 size basses are made, but less commonly used….Bass Sizing & Bow Options.

Bass Size Height Player’s Age
1/2 4.5 to 5.5 feet 9 to 13 years old
3/4 over 5 feet over 13 years old

Is the upright bass hard to learn?

Is it impossible or too difficult to learn they ask? The answer is absolutely NOT! In fact, in some ways, it is easier to start on the upright than on the electric bass. (Electric bass, with it’s fretboard simply laid out and accessible first gives the impression that it is all there for the taking…

What size double bass do I have?

Double Bass Size Guide and bow options

Height Double Bass size Age
4′-4’6″ 1/4 7-9
4’6″-5′ 1/2 9-13
5’+ 3/4 13+/Average Size Adult
5’9″+ 4/4 Large Adult

What length is a short scale bass?

On a modern bass guitar, 30″ (76 cm) or less is considered short scale, standard (also called long) scale is 34″ (86 cm) for a 4-string and 35″ (89 cm) for a B-E-A-D-G 5-string, and extra-long scale basses of 36″ (91 cm) also exist.

Should I get a 3/4 bass?

You may decide, of course, that you like or want a bigger bass, but “like” or “want” isn’t the same as “need.” Unless you’re big enough to have considered basketball as a career, you’ll be fine with a 3/4 size bass – and even then, a 3/4 may be the right size for you.

Are there different sizes of string bass?

Basses come in multiple sizes including 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4. This size nomenclature creates some confusion as a 1/2 bass, for example, is not really half the size of a 4/4 bass. As you can see by the chart below, the sizes are actually only slightly different.

Can you play bass if you’re short?

Playing bass with small hands isn’t anything to be discouraged about or any reason not to play bass. Sure, naturally there will be challenges, but at the end of the practice sessions, it’s how you handle those challenges and how you choose to work through them.

How tall is an upright bass in inches?

Upright Bass Sizes Bass Size Total Height Body Height 1/4 61.5″ 37.5″ 1/2 65.5″ 40″ 3/4 71.5″ 43.5″ 4/4 75″ 45.5″

How big is a 4 / 4 string bass?

String basses, also known as upright basses or bass violins, come in multiple sizes including 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4. The various sizes accommodate the player’s height, arm length, and hand size.

How big is a double bass in rows?

Size Overall Lenght A Body Lenght B Lower Bouts C Upper Bouts D 1/4 155 95 56 44 1/2 167 102 60 48 3/4 186 112 67 52

How big should a 5th grade bass be?

Starting Out: The overwhelming majority of 5th grade students should be playing a 1/4 size bass. I see a lot of 5th grade bass students. I have yet to meet a 5th grader for whom a 1/4 size bass isn’t the right size. It’s not too small even for someone 5 feet tall or a little over in the 5th grade.