How do you turn off a Teksta puppy?

When you want to stop this mode, simply pat his head or press his nose.

How do I get my Teksta puppy to sit?

Make sure Teksta™ is already in Flip Over Mode by pressing and holding press & hold two buttons on its head until you hear 3’beep’ sounds. Make sure Teksta” sits completely on a hard surface. If you hear a “warning buzzer” sound it is not sitting on a flat surface. Place Teksta” on a flatter surface and retry.

What can Teksta do?

Meet Teksta/Tekno, the robotic puppy who actually listens and understands you! He responds to your voice, sound, touch, and gestures. Command your puppy to walk, sit, cry, sing, and even do a back flip!

How do I reset my Tekno Robotic Puppy?

Press and hold the MODE BUTTON and NOSE SENSOR for 3 seconds. You’ll hear four beeps and a “Thanks!” from Tekno.

What does a Zoomer puppy do?

With sophisticated voice recognition technology, Playful Pup responds to sound & touch with cute barks & adorable tricks! RESPONDS TO SOUND & TOUCH: Give your toy robot pet snuggles, cuddles & belly rubs and he’ll “woof” in delight! He can bark, beg, wag his tail & respond to your voice & touch!

How do you charge a Zoomful playful puppy?

How do I charge my Zoomer Playful Pup™?

  1. Locate the included USB charging cable.
  2. Locate the charging compartment on my belly.
  3. Make sure my power switch is in the off ( O ) position.
  4. Insert the micro USB end into the charge port on my belly.
  5. Connect the USB cable to a computer that is turned on for charging.

What does Dexter the robot dog do?

Interactive and electronic Robo dog. Dexter the dog walks, nods and wags his tail at your little one. With LEDs, multi-sound functions and a whole load of animations, this is the best possible robotic dog for your little one to enjoy.

Can Zoomer playful pup walk?

Name your new friend and Playful Pup will come when you call! Full of life, this interactive dog walks, bounces, pounces and plays! Teach your puppy to perform over 25 tricks, like: play dead; shake a paw; take a bow; and roll over.