How do you use gear cards in injustice?

Collection menu- In the Collection menu, you can look at your characters, upgrade them, look at support cards, and look at gear cards. Tap Gear Cards. 4. Gear Cards- Gear Cards can be fused to a specific character or shattered to produce Shards.

What is the best gear card in injustice?

Legendary gear is the highest ranked gear in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. Here are the basics to what a Legendary gear is: All Legendary Gear starts off as Epic Gear (4 star) and then becomes Legendary Gear (5 star) after being EVOLVED through upgrading gear enough times (21 total).

Do Gear cards stack in injustice?

Each character can equip up to 3 pieces of gear. The same piece of gear cannot be equipped more than once on the same character and two different characters cannot have the same piece of gear, but gear can be removed any time without cost.

What is AOE damage injustice?

Area Effect is a unique effect found on many gear pieces, and passives of several characters. It is also an inherent effect on some specials. The affected special or super move will deal a stated percentage of the primary damage dealt to the main target to both tagged-out characters.

What are crit attacks in injustice?

A Crit is a hit that deals 50% (or more with Crit Boost) more damage than normal, and is represented by a red damage pop-up and a unique hit-flash animation. Basic attacks, Special Attacks and damage over time can crit from different sources.

How do you unlock gear in injustice?

The best way to unlock Gears the fast way is by participating in Endless Mode. Players will face off against hordes of enemies on the easiest difficulty. After each battle, players have the chance to obtain a Gear. If the player reaches certain streaks, they will also obtain Mother Boxes.

What is the use of shards in injustice?

Shards are used to fuse and evolve gear. They can be obtained by shattering gear, or from the wheel before every Survivor match.

How do you get blue shards in injustice?

Blue Shards are a type of shard used to fuse and evolve gear. They can be obtained from shattering gear, which generally gives a fixed amount and type of shards, and possibly bonus shards. They can also be obtained randomly as a reward from the prize wheel before every match in Survivor, which can award 3 blue shards.

What is AoE damage?

As the name suggests, Area of Effect damage or AoE will always have an impact on the area as a whole and is not aimed at a single champion. These are spells and functions that will damage the enemy champions within an area.

How do you get the Ibistick in injustice?

The unevolved version can be obtained by ranking in the top 5% of certain Online Battle seasons, or as a possible reward in the Worst Heroes Ever Bundle, The Dawn of Justice Triple Pack, and the Nth Metal Ultimate Pack.

Where can you get legendary gear in Injustice 2?

Ra’s Al Ghul’s Scimitar is the only Legendary Gear not obtainable from Online Battles or Survivor Mode, but exclusively through buying Gear Lockers or Dawn of Justice Gear Lockers only. Gear is an original element to the Injustice Mobile game that was not present in any form in the console game, but is adapted into the Injustice 2 console sequel.

What happens when you get a gear in Injustice?

Occasionally a bug would cause a piece of gear to be awarded to players through Online Battles prematurely. Players are advised to not use them (particularly online) when received in such a manner until it is officially awarded, as it may cause them to be banned or suspended as they are mistaken for hackers.

What do gear do in Injustice Gods Among Us mobile?

Gear are equippable items in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile. They can be added to your characters to increase attributes such as damage, power generation, and maximum health. In addition, they may have other effects such as disabling specials, power drain, chance to stun, Invulnerability, and either increase Crit chance or Crit damage.

How to disable random gear in Injustice mobile?

[EVOLVED] On SP1 50% – 75% chance to disable 1 random gear of the opponent till opponent Tags-out. Any Special Attack applies 2% – 6% DOT which also drains 12% enemy Power. Reflects 20% – 40% Blocked Specials Damage back at opponent.