How do you write a review on a company?

#Provide useful, constructive feedback. #Talk about a range of elements, including customer service. #Be detailed, specific, and honest. #Leave out links and personal information. #Keep it civil and friendly. #Feel free to update your review if needed. #Check you’ve got the right domain name or company. #Proofread your review.

How do I review my employer?

You can do so by searching for the employer’s Company Reviews page. On the left where it says Find Companies, search for the employer you would like to review. You will then see the option to write a review. You are welcome to post your honest, objective feedback for the company on this page.

How do I review a company on Glassdoor?

To write a company review on Glassdoor from the Home page:Sign in to your Glassdoor account. Click on the Companies tab.Select Write a Review.Search for the company you write a review for. On the company profile page, click +Add Review.Complete all required fields. Click Continue.4 days ago