How far is Plitvice National Park from Split?

150 miles
Plitvice Lakes National Park is 150 miles (240 km) away from Split and definitely worth a visit as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most popular tourist attraction in Croatia. The quickest and easiest way to get there from Split is by car, a trip of 2.5-3 hours.

Is Krka National Park near Split?

Krka National Park is only about a 1.5-hour drive away from Split. You can get there either by renting a car and driving yourself, with public transport or with an organised day tour. If you take public transport you can get a bus from Split bus station to Skradin. The bus ticket is around 15 EUR per person.

How many national parks are in Croatia?

8 national parks
There are 444 protected areas of Croatia, encompassing 9% of the country. Those include 8 national parks in Croatia, 2 strict reserves and 11 nature parks. The most famous protected area and the oldest national park in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Which national park is closest to Dubrovnik?

Plitvice Lakes National Park
Dubrovnik and Plitvice Lakes National Park, two of Croatia’s most popular destinations, are 268 miles (432 km) apart—a long journey by local standards. The quickest way to travel between them is by car, a trip that will take 5 to 6 hours and crosses the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina twice along the way.

Is it worth going to Krka National Park?

We would 100% recommend visiting the Krka National Park. Although, it is very touristy and gets very busy, it was worth it. The waterfalls and the plant life are incredible and well worth going to see.

How much does it cost to get into Krka National Park?

Tickets for Krka National Park For full entry to all areas of the park, tickets cost 200 Kunas for adults in July and August (120 Kunas for children aged 7 – 18); 110 Kunas during April to June and September & October (80 Kunas for children); and 30 Kunas for adults for November to March (20 Kunas for children).

Are there bears in Krka National Park?

Krka Falls near Sibenik Over 400 bears roam wild in the mountain forests and wild sheep, mountain goats, wild cats, wolves and an abundance of lynx live happily here. The amount of bird life is too vast to mention!

Can you still swim in Krka?

2020 will be the final year in which visitors to Krka National Park (pictured) will be able to swim in Skradinski Buk, the largest and most-popular water asset situated there. From January 2021, the practice of swimming in this section of the park will be banned.

Are there any national parks in Split Croatia?

We are offering two tours to National Parks from Split. Really close one, and the most popular, is the tour from Split to Krka National Park. The second National Park tour from Split is to Plitvice Lakes national Park which is the oldest and the largest National Park in Croatia.

Which is the best national park to visit in Croatia?

Krka National Park Spent the day with family and friends at the lovely National Park, swimming and hiking and taking gorgeous photos! 10. Northern Velebit National Park If you enjoy hiking, a visit to this national park is an absolute must!

How to get to Kornati National Park from split?

The best way to get from Split to Kornati National Park is to get to Zadar by a highway and then take a ferry to the islands. The other popular way to reach Kornati National park is through excursions typically organized from Zadar or Šibenik.

Which is the best tour to split National Park?

However, if you plan to visit national parks from Split, the most common tours to national parks will include van or a bus tour from Split to Krka National Park tour and Split to Plitvice National Park tour.