How historically accurate is Drunk History?

Accuracy. According to Derek Waters, all the dates and story elements are true, though the historical figures’ dialogue is obviously not accurate. He told NPR that he “make[s] sure to go back and say: Make sure you say this date or this person’s name.

Are they really drunk in Drunk History?

Is ‘Drunk History’ scripted? While standard history books usually rely on a removed, clinical perspective to analyze the past, Drunk History turns that paradigm on its head by bringing back the oral tradition. Through the inebriated retellings, Drunk History allows for real emotions about the events to seep in.

Are John Waters and Derek Waters related?

He appreciates the genius of John Waters (no relation) and the production value of a summer crab feast. The “Drunk History” host and showrunner got his start in the Toronto improv and sketch comedy scene before landing in Los Angeles in 2000.

Why was Drunk History Cancelled?

Comedy Central has reportedly decided to axe the show as the network moves away from live-action scripted shows and moves towards adult animation, per Variety. The decision may come as a surprise to fans, as it had already been renewed for a seventh season, with pre-production already underway.

Was Dave Grohl Drunk History?

The Comedy Central show Drunk History has starred the one and only Dave Grohl in a recent episode. The hilarious American comedy series that has people drunkenly telling famous moments in history when they’re absolutely wasted, has grown a cult following since it began in 2007.

Who invented Drunk History?

Created for television by Waters and Jeremy Konner, Drunk History is produced by Central Productions and executive produced by Waters and Konner, Greg Tuculescu along with Gary Sanchez Productions’ Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Owen Burke.

Where did Derek Waters go to high school?

Community College of Baltimore County
Towson High School
Derek Waters/Education

Why is Drunk History ending?

The show had been renewed for a seventh season last year and was in pre-production on that season when the COVID-19 pandemic forced production to stop in March. Later on, Comedy Central decided to pull the plug on the show as the network moves away from live-actions scripted shows in favor of adult animation.

When was Drunk History Cancelled?

August 6, 2019
Drunk History/Final episode date

Who is the creator of Drunk History TV show?

Drunk History. Drunk History is an American educational television comedy series produced by Comedy Central, based on the Funny or Die web series created by Derek Waters and Jeremy Konner in 2007.

Is there a British version of Drunk History?

Since January 12, 2015, a British version of Drunk History has been broadcast on Comedy Central’s UK channel. A Latin American version, Drunk History: El lado borroso de la historia, is presented by Eugenio Derbez.

Is there a Mexican version of Drunk History?

For the British version of the show, see Drunk History (British TV series). For the Mexican version of the show, see Drunk History (Mexican TV series).

Who are some famous people from Drunk History?

Bennie Arthur. Tim Baltz. Maria Blasucci. Mort Burke. Sarah Burns. Craig Cackowski. Michael Cassady.