How long does scientific research take?

This average is associated with a range of six to eight years for studies with a negative or null result, compared with four to five years for those with positive results.

Is under consideration a good sign?

It does not mean you will get an interview. It is very hard to get someone to contact you from human resources regarding a job. “Application under consideration” usually means they are reviewing your information to see if you would be a good candidate for the job.

What is editorial consideration?

A manuscript writer may receive a letter from a publisher or the editor of a journal saying a submitted manuscript is under editorial consideration. A manuscript under editorial consideration indicates that the work has not been rejected out of hand, but is being given a second look.

What is the purpose of editorial?

It tackles recent events and issues, and attempts to formulate viewpoints based on an objective analysis of happenings and conflicting/contrary opinions. An editorial is predominantly about balance. But that does not prevent it from occasionally stirring things up, when such is the need.

What does awaiting final decision mean?

If your paper has been under review before this, then it stands a better chance of getting accepted. However, if it has not gone through peer review, but is directly showing the status “awaiting final decision,” then there is a possibility that your paper might be rejected after initial screening by the editor.

What is awaiting decision approval?

Awaiting EIC Decision/Awaiting Decision Approval – the editor in chief has made a decision, and authors can expect to know the next step within a few days.

What does awaiting referee scores mean?

Answer: Typically, in a ScholarOne system, the “Awaiting reviewer assignment” status is shown when invitations have been sent out to reviewers, but reviewers haven’t accepted them yet. On the other hand, the status “Awaiting reviewer scores” means that the paper is under review.

What does awaiting review mean?

Generally speaking, the status “Awaiting a reviewer reply” could mean either of two things: 1. A review invitation has been sent out but the reviewer has not yet accepted it. 2. The reviewer has accepted the invitation and the editor is waiting to receive reviewer comments.