How many Bionicle shows are there?

They come in groups of six, although nowadays there is more than one set of six. In fact, there have been two series of canisters every year except 2001 and 2010, the first and last years of the original BIONICLE saga.

Is Bionicle still a thing?

Despite plans to release new Bionicle sets through to at least 2017, Lego discontinued the reboot in 2016 due to low sales.

Who made the Bionicle movies?

Five different people were involved in the creation of the film’s story and script: executive producer Bob Thompson, original Bionicle co-creators and writers Alastair Swinnerton and Martin Riber Andersen, and Hollywood writers Henry Gilroy and Greg Weisman.

Is there a Bionicle show?

Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One is an American animated streaming television miniseries created for Netflix based on the reboot of Lego toy theme Bionicle that chronicles events from its 2016 storyline.

What is the first BIONICLE movie?

BIONICLE: Mask of Light (movie)
BIONICLE: Mask of Light was the first of four direct-to-VHS/DVD BIONICLE movies, based on the late 2003 story. It has sold over 400 million copies worldwide since its release. The movie revolves around the island of Mata Nui.

What are old bionicles worth?

Originally retailed for US $14.99, currently sells for around US $50 and up on eBay and Bricklink.

Did BIONICLE saved Lego?

Products like Znap, Primo, Scala and worst; Galidor all came out of this period. The only reason Lego survived during this difficult time was due to the success of the Bionicle and “Star Wars” series. The unprofitable LEGO Computer games business was shut down.

Will Lego bring back BIONICLE?

Bionicle is making its third return to the world of LEGO following a rejected project on LEGO Ideas thanks to the new BrickLink Designer Program. BrickLink is including 31 projects in the new Designer Program, one of which is The Legend of the Bionicle.

Is Bionicle Disney?

Bionicle: Mask of Light Notes: Produced by Elliot Animation for The Lego Group, Miramax Home Entertainment, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, and Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

What is the first Bionicle movie?

Does Hulu have Bionicle?

BIONICLE: Mask of Light is not currently available to stream on Hulu.

What came out before Bionicle?

Bone-Heads of Voodoo Island was shortened to Doo-Heads before becoming BIONICLE. Notice how the head is a similar shape to the island of Mata-Nui The BIONICLE line was originally to be titled “Bone-Heads of Voodoo Island,” and its first year was intended to end with the Great Spirit awakening.