How many books are there in Indian mythology?

Indian Mythology (234 books)

Which is the most important mythical book of India?

11 of the Best Indian Mythology Books

  • The Palace of Illusions – Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.
  • My Gita – Devdutt Pattankaik.
  • Asura: Tale of the Vanquished – Anand Neelakantan.
  • The Pregnant King – Devdutt Pattanaik.
  • Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen – Kavita Kane.
  • Prince of Ayodhya: Book One – Ashok K.

What are some of the must read books on Indian mythology?

Indian mythological-fiction books one must read

  • 01/11Indian mythological-fiction books one must read.
  • 02/11The Pandava series by Roshani Chokshi.
  • 03/11Sitayana by Amit Majmudar.
  • 04/11The Ramachandra Series by Amish.
  • 05/11″Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince” by Anuja Chandramouli.
  • 06/11″Lanka’s Princess” by Kavita Kane.

Which Indian author is known for producing Indian myths in his novel?

Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik
Nationality India
Education MBBS (Mumbai University) Postgraduate Diploma Comparative Mythology (Mumbai University)
Occupation Mythologist, writer, columnist, illustrator
Known for Works on Indian mythology

Who wrote Rig Veda?

The surviving padapatha version of the Rigveda text is ascribed to Śākala. The Śākala recension has 1,017 regular hymns, and an appendix of 11 vālakhilya hymns which are now customarily included in the 8th mandala (as 8.49–8.59), for a total of 1028 hymns.

Is Mahabharata a myth?

Appearing in its present form about 400 ce, the Mahabharata consists of a mass of mythological and didactic material arranged around a central heroic narrative that tells of the struggle for sovereignty between two groups of cousins, the Kauravas (sons of Dhritarashtra, the descendant of Kuru) and the Pandavas (sons of …

How does Devdutt Pattanaik explains myth?

Devdutt says mythology is a map of the human mind. It helps you understand the world, life and culture. It is a subjective truth based on memory.

Which is world’s oldest book?

The Diamond Sutra now resides at the British Library, along with an acknowledgement that it is the oldest dated printed book in existence.

Which is the Best Book of Indian mythology?

Indian Mythology 1 The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy, 2 The Secret of the Nagas (Shiva Trilogy # 3 The Oath of the Vayuputras (Shiva Trilog 4 Mahabharata by C. Rajagopalachari (Trans 5 The Great War of Hind (The Legend of Ram

Is there a lot of mythology in India?

There is an abundance of Indian mythology for those wanting to seek out their charming tales. This is a culture that has always been rich in mythology with tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana but has seen an increase in fantasy books in the past decade.

Which is the Best Book of mythological fiction?

Expect a book that promises adventure cloaked in mystery. Vanara is a mythological fiction that refreshingly doesn’t talk about the main heroes of our mythology. The book is the story of the tribe of Vanaras, and three of the most important people of their tribe – Baali, Sugreeva and Tara.

Which is the first book in the Mahabharata Series?

This series has Roll of the Dice and Rise of Kali as the first two books. Retelling of Mahabharata from Duryodhan perspective, this duology presents an elaborate plot, a different set of eyes registering the events of the epic and the writing just flows.