How many calories are in a Muller Corner vanilla chocolate ball?

There are 201 calories in 1 pot (135 g) of Muller Corner Vanilla Chocolate Balls Crunch (135g).

How many calories are in a vanilla chocolate corner yogurt ball?

Energy: 144 calories

Protein 3.7g
Carbs 20g
Fat 5.2g

How many calories are in a Muller Corner?

What are Nutritionix Track app users eating from Muller Corner?

Product Name Calories
Creamy Yogurt, Red Cherry 100 g 110
Creamy Yogurt, Strawberry 100 g 110
Crunch Banana Chocolate Flakes 100 g 140
Crunch Strawberry Shortcakes Yoghurt 100 g 150

Are Muller corners fattening?

Verdict: We don’t know a family who doesn’t like Muller Crunch Corner yogurts. Unfortunately with the highest amount of calories and sugar, these aren’t the healthiest yogurt, so one to save for a special treat. Dr Sana Khan says, “Sugar laden, not so much yoghurt is often present in these Muller corners. “

How many SYNS is a Muller Corner?

A modern day miracle, you might say. But for the Muller Light disciples out there, the rug is about to be pulled from under their feet, as Slimming World has revealed the yogurts will now be one syn each.

How many carbs are in a Muller Corner?


Typical Values (Typical Values Per 100g)
Carbohydrate 20.0g
of which sugars 17.7g
Protein 3.7g
Salt 0.13g

How many calories are in a strawberry Muller Corner?

Energy: 158 calories

Protein 6.5g
Carbs 18.9g
Fat 5.7g

How much sugar is in a Muller Fruit Corner?


Typical Values (Per 100g)
Fat 3.8g
of which saturates 2.4g
Carbohydrate 12.6g
of which sugars 12.6g

How much sugar is in a Muller Corner?