How many campus does Tri-C have?

four campuses
Tri-C serves students at four campuses and at numerous off-campus sites strategically located throughout the county.

What GPA do you need to get into Tri-C?

3.0 or higher
Current state guidelines (during COVID-19) maintain that students must have a current, cumulative (unweighted) GPA of 3.0 or higher to be eligible for CCP. If a student does not meet GPA requirements, qualifying ACT/SAT or ALEKS math placement test scores are accepted.

Can Tri-C students take courses at any campus?

Students may take courses at more than one campus. Student records are deactivated after a period of three consecutive semesters in which no registration activity has occurred. Students with an inactive status must reapply for admission to the College at

How much does a semester at Tri-C cost?

Estimated Cost Per Semester

Ohio Resident Tuition Per Semester $2,161
Ohio Resident Total Cost Per Semester $6,931
Non-Ohio Resident Tuition Per Semester $4,068
Non-Ohio Resident Total Cost Per Semester $8,838

Are there dorms at Tri-C?

Tri-C Housing Browse for 1 bedroom Tri-C apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, roommates, sublets and more in and around Cleveland, OH. Utilize the Housing filters to refine your Tri-C Housing search and enhance your Housing search experience.

What is the acceptance rate for Tri-C?

Cuyahoga CC is a public college located in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a mid-size institution with an enrollment of 6,205 undergraduate students. The Cuyahoga CC acceptance rate is 100%.

Is Ad passing in Tri-C?

Earned grades of C and higher will be converted to P (pass), while grades of D and lower will be converted to NP (no pass).

What is a passing grade at Tri-C?

Grading System

Grade Description Grade points
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
F Failure 0
P Pass 0

What colleges accept CCP credits?

The colleges that accept (CCP) College Credit Plus in Ohio are Cleveland State University, Central Ohio Technical College, Cincinnati State University, Wright State University, Ohio Northern University and a few others.

Is Tri-C tuition free?

“Thanks to the generous support of Tri-C Foundation donors, this program will allow people to earn a degree or credential in a high-demand field that pays a family-sustaining wage without incurring any tuition costs.”

How much does a credit cost at Tri-C?

Total (per credit hour) Fee: $119.54

1 $119.54 $149.08
2 $239.08 $298.16
3 $358.62 $447.24
4 $478.16 $596.32

What ACT score do you need for Tri-C?

An ACT score of 21 or more for math and a score of 18 or more for English may be substituted for testing, or SAT scores of 520 or more for math and 430 or more for English. ACT or SAT scores will be accepted for placement within two years of testing date. To send online ACT results, Tri-C’s online code is 3263.

Where is the western campus of Tri C?

Western Campus. Located in Parma, Ohio, Tri-C’s Western Campus opened in 1966 in the former Crile Veterans Hospital.

Where is Tri-C Community College in Parma Ohio?

Western Campus. Located in Parma, Ohio, Tri-C’s Western Campus opened in 1966 in the former Crile Veterans Hospital. One of four traditional campuses of Cuyahoga Community College, the campus’ original facilities were replaced in 1975 with a six-building interconnected complex centered around a three-story glass-roofed galleria.

Is there a corporate College in Cleveland Ohio?

Choose from a wide variety of virtual and online classes, as well as select on-site programs. Corporate College is committed to serving you in this time of rapid change.

How many students take classes at Western campus?

Each year more than 12,000 credit and non-credit students take courses at the Western Campus. Tri-C’s campus locations are easily accessible from major roads and highways. Click here to download direction.