How many CCIE are in Pakistan?

Total of Routing and Switching CCIEs: 15852. Total of Security CCIEs: 1764. Total of Service Provider CCIEs: 961. Total of Storage Networking CCIEs: 139….How many CCIEs are in the world?

North America 5883
Pakistan 44
Philippines 12
Singapore 163
Sri Lanka 4

Is CCIE worth it 2020?

CCIE Certification is the ultimate achievement of any Cisco Network engineer and the sheer volume of knowledge you will acquire whilst studying for it is immense. It will certainly make you a better engineer and you will hopefully get a pay rise / better job after it.

How much does CCIE exam cost?

Exams Cost

Level Exam Price in $USD, plus tax
Expert level exams CCIE lab exams $1600
CCIE mobile lab exams $1900
Specialist level exams Specialist certification exams (500-xxx) $300
Business specialist written level 2 exams (820-xxx) $250

Which CCIE is most demanded 2020?

CCIE Demand by Track in Job openings: From the total number of Job openings, the CCIE track with most demand is the classic Routing & Switching CCIE track. Routing & Switching CCIE: 73% of all Job opportunities. Voice CCIE : 21% of all Job opportunities. Security CCIE : 4% of all Job opportunities.

Is CCIE exam hard?

The CCIE has been considered the most difficult certification in the IT industry since its launch in 1993. It has two parts: a written exam and a practical lab test. Each year around 12,000 people take the CCIE written exam, which is available at testing facilities run by Pearson VUE or Prometric.

Who was the first CCIE?

Terry Slattery
Terry Slattery was awarded the third number – CCIE # 1026, in August 1993, the first non-Cisco person to achieve the CCIE and the first person to pass both the written CCIE test as well as the hands-on CCIE lab test, making Terry Slattery the first real CCIE.

Is CCIE difficult to pass?

What is a CCIE salary?

Ccie: Salary. $154,250. / Annual. The average ccie salary in the USA is $154,250 per year or $79.10 per hour. Entry level positions start at $125,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $185,250 per year.

What is the salary of CCIE?

The highest salary for a Network Engineer Consultant CCIE in India is ₹77,260 per month. The lowest salary for a Network Engineer Consultant CCIE in India is ₹77,260 per month.

Which certification is best for Python?

Top 5 Python Certification Exams For 2021

  1. Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer (PCEP)
  2. Certified Associate in Python Programmer (PCAP)
  3. Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 (PCPP 1)
  4. Certified Professional in Python Programming 2 (PCPP 2)
  5. Certified Expert in Python Programming (CEPP)

Is CCNA still in-demand?

CCNA has developed to be the world’s most in-demand IT certification. Since its beginning in 1998, CCNA has developed over the years, upgrading the syllabus every time technology has advanced. CCNA places emphasis on building a strong foundation for professionals waiting to start a career in the IT Networking world.

Which CCIE is easiest?

CCIE R&S is pretty easy to pass as How to prepare for CCIE R&S Lab exam as a strategy is already out.