How many Chargers did Shelby make?

A total of 7,709 Shelby Chargers were made for the 1985 model year, and 7,669 in 1986. 1987 was the final year, with just 1,011 produced, plus 1,000 more Shelby Chargers that were sent to Shelby’s Whittier Plant in CA, at which time they were modified as the 1987 Shelby GLHS.

What years did dodge make the Lancer?

The Dodge Lancer is an automobile built in three unrelated models by Dodge in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’80s. It debuted as a hardtop version of the full-sized 1955 Dodge, and was produced in that form until 1959….1985–1989 Lancer.

Height 53 in (1,346 mm)

What is a Shelby Cobra?

The AC Cobra, sold in the United States as the Shelby Cobra and AC Shelby Cobra, is a sports car manufactured by British company AC Cars, with a Ford V8 engine. It was produced intermittently in both the UK and later the USA since 1962.

What cars did Shelby make for Dodge?

The following cars used Shelby-modified parts, but were not overseen by Carroll Shelby: 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S. 1987–1988 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z. 1988–1991 Dodge Daytona C/S….Shelby partners with Dodge

  • 1983–1984 Dodge Shelby Charger.
  • 1985–1987 Dodge Charger Shelby.
  • 1984–1986 Dodge Omni GLH.

How many 1962 Dodge Lancers were made?

Approximately 17,100 examples of the Lancer 170 were built in 1962. The other Lancer option was the top-of-the-line Lancer 770, with all the body styles of its Lancer 170 sibling plus a GT Hardtop Coupe priced at $2,260.

Who made the Reliant K car?

Chrysler Corporation
The Reliant and Aries were selected together as Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year for 1981 and sold almost a million Aries and 1.1 million Reliant units over the nine-year run….Plymouth Reliant.

Dodge Aries Plymouth Reliant
Manufacturer Chrysler Corporation
Production October 1980 – December 1988
Model years 1981–1989

What was the fastest Dodge Omni?

So equipped, Shelby claimed that the 1986 Omni GLH-S could do 0-60 in a stunning 6.70 seconds, with a 14.7 quarter-mile (at 94 mph).

How much is a Dodge Omni worth?

A: The average price of a Dodge Omni is $22,040.