How many ending are there in Corpse Party?

several endings
There are several endings within Corpse Party, one of which is the true ending to the chapter, with the rest being either bad or extra endings. The only chapters with one ending are the ten extra chapters.

What ending is the corpse party anime?

When Satoshi, Naomi and Ayumi finally preparing the ritual to go back to their own world, Satoshi told Naomi that he knows she took other person’s paper scrap. Then, he gave her his paper scrap because he had Yuka’s (his sister) one. And then, at the final scene, they made it without Satoshi.

Can you keep everyone alive in Corpse Party?

This ending is unlocked by having everyone still alive at the end of the game. The five classmates, Satoshi Mochida, Naomi Nakashima, Yuka Mochida, Yoshiki Kishinuma, and Ayumi Shinozaki, find themselves in their school again. They are exhausted for what they have been through, but happy to be all still alive.

What happened to Sachiko in Corpse Party?

Afraid of Sachiko telling someone about what he did, Takamine chased her through the school and captured her, strangling her to death over the corpse of her mother. Takamine told the police that Yoshie’s death was an accident, and buried Sachiko in the basement of the school building.

What happened to Naomi Corpse Party?

Seiko leaves Naomi to rest while she goes out to find Yuka. Shortly after Seiko leaves, a black mist traps Naomi inside the infirmary and attacks her, though Naomi is able to escape. Seiko returns, saying she was unable to find Yuka, and tries to comfort Naomi.

Why can’t Seiko Kimura eat sweets?

It was revealed after Ruruka tried to share her sweets with Seiko that she was unable to eat them, due to the dangerous side effects that sugar causes when mixed with her medicine.

Is Seiko in love with Naomi?

Seiko says that she loves Naomi and that she wants to marry, hug, and kiss her.

Are there any Wrong Endings for Corpse Party?

As the game progresses, the amount of wrong endings increases, forcing the players to be more careful of their decisions and actions. Spoiler Warning!: Spoilers for Corpse Party (PC) follow

When does Corpse Party 2 dead patient take place?

The game Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient takes place five years after the events of Corpse Party Heavenly Host Arc, implied to be the consequences of the Book of Shadows’ powers starting to bring about the end of the world by allowing the spirit realm and real world to start to converge together.

Who are the main characters in Corpse Party?

Introduction. Corpse Party follows the story of nine people who are separated from one another and trapped in the ruined remains of the Heavenly Host Elementary School. Heavenly Host is no ordinary school, however. It exists in a dimension outside of regular time and space.

Why are some of the lines in Corpse Party ad libbed?

– From the character Naho later in the game. I was just wondering about the localization because while it is grammatically great, and flows really well (while being able to maintain the scary atmosphere the original must have had), some lines just seem to be ad libbed based on the mood rather than what the character says.