How many movies are there about Wyatt Earp?

Besides having his own television series, the character Wyatt Earp appears in about twenty motion pictures. In some, nothing more than the character name is used, while in others, Earp is only a minor figure. But four wellknown films purport to tell the history of Wyatt Earp.

Which is more accurate Tombstone or Wyatt Earp?

Though superior to the recent Kurt Russell/Val Kilmer “Tombstone,” it could do with some of that movie’s sense of fun. Not exactly a failure, “Wyatt Earp” is more accurately described as simply not the picture it wants so hard to be. A Tig Productions/Kasdan Pictures production, released by Warner Bros.

Is there film of the real Wyatt Earp?

As far as anyone knows, Wyatt was never recorded on cinematic film. As the Old West faded from reality into myth, other notorious Western figures, such as Emmett Dalton, Bill Tilghman and Henry Starr dabbled in motion pictures.

What famous movie was about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday?

Tombstone (film)

Production companies Hollywood Pictures Cinergi Pictures
Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures (North America/South America) Cinergi Productions (International)
Release date December 25, 1993
Running time 130 minutes

Is the movie Tombstone historically accurate?

Tombstone is fairly accurate historically. In fact, some of the more unbelieveable scenes (such as Bill Brosius missing Wyatt three times from point-blank range before Earp cuts him in half with a shotgun) are actually documented.

What is the most accurate movie about Wyatt Earp?

Logically, 1946’s My Darling Clementine should be the most accurate telling of the Gunfight Behind the O.K. Corral, since Wyatt Earp shared his memories with friend and director John Ford. For entertainment value, it may be the best film on the subject, but it ain’t history.

What are the movies that Wyatt Earp was in?

Wyatt Earp Movies. 1 1. Frontier Marshal (1939) Approved | 71 min | Western. 2 2. ‘Doc’ (1971) 3 3. Wichita (1955) 4 4. Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die (1942) 5 5. Hour of the Gun (1967)

Who are Wyatt Earp’s brothers in the movie Tombstone?

First, Doc meets Wyatt’s brothers Virgil and Morgan and learns that his old friend is striving to become the sheriff of Tombstone. Wyatt Earp wins the election but soon faces harsh resistance from outlaw gang named “The Cowboys”.

When did Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp meet?

The story begins in 1881 when Doc Holliday and his girlfriend Kate Elder come to Tombstone, Arizona to encounter their old friend Wyatt Earp. First, Doc meets Wyatt’s brothers Virgil and Morgan and learns that his old friend is striving to become the sheriff of Tombstone.

When did Wyatt Earp become a Frontier Marshal?

1. Frontier Marshal (1939) Error: please try again. Earp agrees to become marshal and establish order in Tombstone in this very romanticized version of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. 2. ‘Doc’ (1971)