How many Pink Panther cartoon episodes are there?


The Pink Panther Show
No. of episodes 190
Producers David H. DePatie Friz Freleng Jim Foss Bill Orcutt Harry Love
Running time 6–7 minutes

Why was Pink Panther Cancelled?

The series was not renewed for a second season, due to lower ratings and the negative reception for its homage to the original shorts, rather than attempting to create something new with the characters, including imperfect voice impressions.

What was the first Pink Panther episode?

September 6, 1969
The Pink Panther Show/First episode date

How many Pink Panther seasons are there?

The Pink Panther Show/Number of seasons

How old is The Pink Panther?

The Pink Panther
Created by David H. DePatie Friz Freleng
Original work The Pink Panther (1963)
Owner Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Years 1963–present

Who is big nose in Pink Panther?

The Little Man
The Little Man appears in various roles throughout the entire original series. He seldom speaks and has a distinctive big nose, and he is usually white in color but sometimes given a Caucasian shading.

Who sings in The Pink Panther movie?

Fran Jeffries
Fran Jeffries, a lithe, silky-voiced singer and dancer who performed a showstopping samba in the 1963 film “The Pink Panther” and tantalized Tony Curtis with a seductive performance of the title song in “Sex and the Single Girl” a year later, died on Thursday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 79.

Does Pink Panther have a girlfriend?

Given how much the good inspector bumbles, it’s a wonder he ever lands any woman. Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Peter Sellers) has a wife in the first film, 1963’s The Pink Panther, Simone, who is played by Capucine.

What is the white person in Pink Panther?

Little Man
The White Guy, aka Little Man (known as Big Nose in the series) is a character in Pink Panther and Pals who appears as the main antagonist in the Pink Panther segments. He’s white in coloration and has a big nose sticking out from his face.

Is The Pink Panther diamond real?

Mining giant Rio Tinto said Wednesday it has unearthed a “remarkable” 12.76 carat pink diamond in Australia, the largest of the rare and precious stones ever found in the resources-rich nation. The Williamson was discovered in Tanzania in 1947 and is ranked among the finest pink diamonds in existence.

How many episodes of the Pink Panther are there?

49 episodes. The Pink Panther is a heroic, moral cartoon cat with pink fur and the manners of an English aristocrat. He only becomes flustered or angry at obtuse or offensive humans who try to disrupt

What was the original Pink Panther?

The Pink Panther is a British-American media franchise primarily focusing on a series of comedy-mystery films featuring an inept French police detective, Inspector Jacques Clouseau . The franchise began with the release of the classic Pink Panther film in 1963. The role of Clouseau was originated by and is most closely associated with Peter Sellers.

What is the theme of the Pink Panther?

“The Pink Panther Theme” is an instrumental composition by Henry Mancini written as the theme for the 1963 film The Pink Panther and subsequently nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 37th Academy Awards but lost to the Sherman Brothers for Mary Poppins .