How many trains are running from Rourkela?

Rourkela Train Station

Train name (no.) passing via Rourkela Arrives Departs
Sc Dbg Special (07007) 07:10 07:30
Hte Ngp Special (08612) 22:40 22:45
Ngp Hatia Special (08611) 14:55 15:10
Snsi Hwh Superfast Express (12573) 12:12 12:27

What is the name of Berhampur station?


Station Name Station Code
Berhampur BAM

How many railway stations are there in Odisha?

There are 300 railway stations in Odisha. The 5 main Odisha railway stations are Puri, Bhubaneshwar, Khurda Road Junction, Bhadrakh, Jharsuguda Junction.

What is station name?

List of Indian Railways stations

Station code Station name Trains passing through
ABS Abohar 9
ABR Abu Road 40
ULD Achalda 4
AH Achhnera Junction 12

How many sectors are there in Rourkela?

Eighteen Sectors
Main Habitations in Rourkela – Civil Township, Koelnagar, Chhend Colony, Uditnagar, Steel Township (Eighteen Sectors), Fertiliser Township, Industrial Estate, Basanti colony, Railway colony, Jhirpani, Jagda, Panposh, Vedavyas, Bondamunda, Bisra and Kalunga.

How many platforms are there in Rourkela railway station?

Rourkela Junction railway station

Rourkela Junction
Platforms 7
Tracks 7 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) broad gauge
Connections Auto stand

Is brahmapur same as Berhampur?

Brahmapur, formerly Berhampur, city, southeastern Odisha (Orissa) state, eastern India. It is situated on the coastal plain, 9 miles (14 km) from the Bay of Bengal.

Which is the first railway station in Odisha?

Brahmapur is a major and one of the oldest railway stations in the Indian state of Odisha….Brahmapur railway station.

Brahmapur station main entrance
Location Brahmapur, Odisha, PIN-760001 India
Coordinates 19°17′48″N 84°47′48″ECoordinates: 19°17′48″N 84°47′48″E
Elevation 43 m (141 ft)

Which state has no railway line?

As of November 2014 Meghalaya was the only state which had no railway line, people had to go to Guwahati, the nearest railway station, but in November 2014 in Mendipathar, first railway station of Meghalaya was given the green flag.

Which railway station is biggest in the world?

Nagoya Station, Nagoya, Japan Japan’s Nagoya Station is the world’s largest station in terms of floor area, which according to some sources stands at an astonishing 446,000m². It is the headquarters of the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), which has two towers that run atop of the station.

What is special in Rourkela?

Rourkela is the industrial capital of Odisha (Formerly Orissa). Rourkela, with a population of 6 lakhs and the first place in India to house the 1.8 million ton integrated steel plant, joins the IT world through STPI. The city is popularly known as the engineering heartland of India.