How much are German Shepherd Poodle mixes?

The average price of a German Shepherd mixed with Poodle dog is around $800. Below is a list of possible sources and reliable breeders for the German Shepherd Poodle mix dogs: Shepadoodles of Greenfield Puppies in Pennsylvania.

How much does a shepherd Poodle cost?

A GSD Poodle mix can cost between $600 and $900. Puppies from this breed can be found in online clubs or indifferent pet stores. However, you can also opt to adopt one by visiting one of the non-profit rescue centers, you will only pay an adoption fee that costs less than $300; Have you DNA tested your dog?

How much does a Shepadoodle puppy cost?

Sheepadoodle puppies can cost anywhere between $1000 to $3000 depending on the color. You’ll have to pay even more if you want specific traits like eye color. The Micro Sheepadoodle we spoke about earlier, will set you back an extra $500 to $800 more than the Sheepadoodle.

Where can I buy a Shepadoodle?

Shepadoodle puppies (German Shepherd and Poodle mixes) make excellent family dogs and companions to people with or without kids….Top Shepadoodle Breeders in the U.S.

  • Hilltop Farms Shepadoodles.
  • Shannon’s Shamrock Kennels.
  • Crockett Doodles.
  • McCumberHaus Sheapdoodles.
  • Treat Bluff Kennels Shepadoodles.

Can a German Shepherd mate with a Poodle?

The Shepadoodle is a designer dog breed cross that is a German Shepherd mixed with Poodle. They were originally bred as a way to help disabled people who suffer from pet allergies. The Shepadoodle has been becoming increasingly popular since 2007.

Can a German Shepherd mate with a poodle?

Do Sheepadoodles like to cuddle?

Sheepadoodles make amazing family pets! They’re great with kids and other animals. They’re gentle, love to play and cuddle.

Are Shepadoodles good dogs?

They are loyal to a T, extremely loving, well-mannered, and gentle making them the perfect family companion for children and other pets. Easy to train and quick to adapt, there is no doubt that the Shepadoodle makes a great dog for any level of pet parent.

How to find a good poodle mix breed?

When looking for a new puppy, be sure to tell the breeder about your lifestyle. Then, it can be determined if that particular breed is a good fit for you. This breed directory page features Poodle Mix breeders with puppies and/or adult dogs for sale. Once you purchase your new found friend, you will want to provide it the best in pet health care.

What kind of dog is an American Alsatian?

The first generation American Alsatian was registered in 1988 in the United States by the North American Shepalute Club (since renamed the National American Alsatian Club). This breed holds five purebred dogs within its lines: the Alaskan Malamute, the German Shepherd Dog, the Great Pyrenees, the Anatolian Shepherd,…

When do Ali Ann standard poodles have puppies?

Ali-Ann Standard poodles is pleased to announce the up coming litter of Patsy, Ch. Ali-Ann’s A SwagR After Midnight and Styles, GCH. Safari’s Star Crossed Lover. Both were puppy champions and have had extensive health testing. We are expecting black/blue and white standard poodle puppies January 2021.

Is it possible to cross breed Poodles with other dogs?

• Dog breeders – place your own ads on – click here. Description: Poodles are known to be one of the most intelligent of dogs. Also, they are non-shedding. During the past few decades, breeders have begun to experiment with cross-breeding poodles with other breeds for various reasons.