How much do Sydney FC players make?

The minimum salary for Players (incl. superannuation) in the A-League in the 2020/21 Season varies depending on age and ranges from $45,000 to $62,500.

Who is the highest paid A-League player in Australia?

Alessandro Del Piero
Currently only two “marquee players” per club can be paid outside the salary cap. Sydney FC star Alessandro Del Piero, the league’s highest paid player ever, earned roughly $2 million last season. Most other marquees take home way less than $1 million a year.

How much are Australian soccer players paid?

A yearly report from Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) has revealed the average A-League salary is lower than what is being offered in India and South Korea. The PFA study involved 200 players from the 2020-21 A-League season with the average wage determined to be $136,791.

How much is Sydney FC worth?


# club Value –
1 Melbourne City FC €11.20m
2 Sydney FC €10.35m
3 Perth Glory €9.75m
4 Adelaide United €8.85m

Who is the highest paid AFL player?

The average player salary for a listed player in 2020 was $259, 651 decreasing from $363,430, for the 2019 year. AFL Media reported that the four biggest earning players in 2020 were Jeremy Cameron, Lance Franklin, Jack Martin and Dustin Martin. The group all were paid $900,000 or more.

What is the average Australian salary?

Australia’s average full-time salary now above $90,000. New data has shown the average Aussie salary – but the figures have also shocked, showing that the gender pay gap has widened.

Where is Sydney FC from?

Sydney, Australia
Sydney FC/Locations

How many rounds are in a-league in 2021?

The Hyundai A-League Regular Season is played over twenty-nine (28) Rounds with each Club playing each other three (3) times.

How much do AFL goal umpires get paid?

Get Paid to Get Fit Umpiring rates start in Queensland generally start at $25 for a 48 minute Under game, and can reach $130 for a Senior Field Umpire. And when you think that you can be paid up to $90,000 a year as an AFL Umpire, it’s a lot better than paying for a gym membership!

Who is the best AFL player?

Official AFL Player Ratings standings after R19, 2021

  • Nic Naitanui (WC) – 586.2 points.
  • Marcus Bontempelli (WB) – 573.2.
  • Dustin Martin (Rich) – 554.
  • Christian Petracca (Melb) – 547.
  • Clayton Oliver (Melb) – 531.6.
  • Max Gawn (Melb) – 528.4.
  • Lachie Neale (BL) – 511.9.
  • Patrick Dangerfield (Geel) – 505.3.

What was the salary cap for Sydney FC?

However, two hours after Barbarouses’ unveiling at the Opera House, adjustments to salary cap regulations were announced that could allow Sydney FC’s prize recruit to fit inside of $3.2 million cap next season, enabling the Sky Blues to sign another two high-profile marquees.

Who are the highest paid players in Australian Football?

The Australian Football League has some of the highest paid athletes in the country. 2018 proved to be the first year that saw 6 players in total in the sport that earned more than a million dollars for a single year.

How much does Barbarouses make a year at Sydney FC?

The club won’t reveal but sources suggest Barbarouses is set to earn about $750,000 per-season. In any other year, it is a deal reserved only for marquee players paid outside of the salary cap.

How much does a football player make a year?

The top 100 football players in the A-League earn a combined £305,500 per week and £15,886,000 per year Sources – Press releases, news & articles, online encyclopedias & databases, industry experts & insiders. We find the information so you don’t have to!