How much does a Wyoming state trooper make?

The average salary for a Trooper I is $3,556 – $3,807 per month depending on experience. Once a Trooper attains Professional Peace Officer status, he or she moves up to Trooper II and earns an average salary of $5016.00 per month.

Does Highway Patrol polygraph do Wyoming?

Undergo an oral and character trait interview. Undergo a drug screening and background investigation. Undergo a psychological assessment and polygraph examination. Attend the Wyoming Highway Patrol Recruit Academy.

What color are Wyoming Highway Patrol cars?

For Wyoming Highway Patrol license plates, the color scheme of white over green as was used for the previous issue continued, however the HP prefix was now stacked vertically along the left margin.

Is the Wyoming Highway Patrol hiring?

Wyoming Highway Patrol is establishing an eligibility list for their next hiring cycle. The testing deadline for the next hiring cycle is September 19, 2021 by 5pm. You must be available for additional screening at WHP in Cheyenne, WY on September 23-25, 2021.

How many highways died in Wyoming?

In Wyoming, there were 127 traffic-related fatalities in 2020, down from 147 in 2019, Wyoming Department of Transportation reports state. The total number of traffic accidents in Wyoming last year — 13,161 — was the lowest in the past 10 years.

Does Wyoming have state police?

The Wyoming Highway Patrol is the highway patrol and de facto state police agency for the U.S. state of Wyoming, and has jurisdiction across the entire state.

What is the phone number for the Wyoming Highway Patrol?

Wyoming Highway Patrol is located at 5300 Bishop Blvd, Cheyenne, WY. The Wyoming Highway Patrol phone number is 307-777-4301.

How many highways are in Wyoming?

Three major Interstate highways serve Wyoming. Two of them are transcontinental routes — Interstate 80 across the southern tier of the state from Evanston east to Rock Springs, Laramie , and Cheyenne and Interstate 90, which enters from the north near Sheridan and extends southeast to Buffalo, then curves east toward Gillette and Sundance.

What are the major highways in Wyoming?

Interstate 80, Interstate 25 and Interstate 90 are the three major state highways of Wyoming that connect most of the towns of the state.