How much does an interactive whiteboard cost?

Most interactive whiteboards will cost between $1500 and $15,000 depending on a number of factors such as size, brand, resolution, features, and accessories. Buying interactive white boards in larger quantities will usually result in a lower per-unit price.

What is the most expensive smart board?

The larger Smart Board 680 goes for around $2,000, not including installation and shipping costs. More advanced models, such as the 55-inch Smart Kapp-IQ sell for around $4,000, with larger Kapp-IQ models coming in at close to $5,000 or more.

Are SMART Boards worth it?

However although many studies show that use of smart boards improves learning and makes teaching meaningful, a study that examined the ability to solve problems and thinking skills among students in smart classrooms and students in classrooms with regular boards, found that it was the students who study in classrooms …

What is replacing SMART Boards?

Schools replace SMART Boards with next-gen Promethean panels. Schools replace SMART Boards with next-gen Promethean panels.

Can you watch TV on a Smart Board?

There are several advantages a smart board has over any flat-screen TV. Due to this feature, the smart board has replaced many chalkboards in schools. You can write, draw, open applications, save documents, search the Internet, play videos, view pictures and present information in an interactive manner.

What replaced smart board?

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — At a cost of at least $14 million over the course of six years, the Charleston County School District will replace all classroom interactive whiteboards with next-generation panel devices.

What can you do on a Smartboard?

So a “smart board” is simply an electronic whiteboard, and which may also be thought of as an interactive overhead projector. It can combine websites, video, and images and project them on a screen as well as being used as a more traditional tool for the instructor to write on.

How big is the Smart Board sb680 whiteboard?

The SMART SB680 is a 77″ (195.6 cm) diagonal SMART Board interactive whiteboard that features touch-sensitive surface where you can use your finger as a mouse or write notes on the durable, low-reflective surface.

Which is the best SmartBoard for the classroom?

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What does a smart board M600 do for students?

Student collaboration is enhanced with the board’s dual touch capabilities, which allow two students to naturally collaborate and simultaneously interact with lesson content using pens, their fingers or other objects. The Smartboard M600’s freestyle interaction provides a simple and adaptable way of maintaining lesson momentum.

How does a smart board connect to a computer?

SYSON6-NA: SystemOn expansion module wakes up the computer and turns on the projector with one button press (Canada and U.S.) WC6-UK: Wireless Bluetooth connection between the SMART Board interactive whiteboard and the computer (United Kingdom) HSCJ-680: Hard shipping case for the SMART Board 680 interactive whiteboard and the FS670 floor stand