How much does an iridium plan cost?

Iridium Plan Airtime Rates

Plan Details Iridium 10 Iridium 100
Monthly plan fee $55.99 $89.99
Included voice minutes and text messages Includes 10 voice minutes and 10 text messages Includes 100 voice minutes and 100 text messages
One-time activation $35 $35
Incoming Calls/Text Messages

How much does a satellite phone cost per month?

Best Sat Phone Plans

Satellite Phone Plans Included Price
Iridium 150 Monthly Plan 150 Global Voice Minutes, 150 Text Messages $109.95/Mo
IsatPhone 15 Monthly Plan** 15 Global Voice Minutes $39.99/Mo
IsatPhone 60 Monthly Plan** 60 Global Voice Minutes $54.99/Mo
IsatPhone 200 Monthly Plan* 200 Global Voice Minutes $109.99/Mo

What is the cost of using a satellite phone?

Costs associated with voice calls from a satellite phone will vary anywhere from around $0.15 to $2 per minute, with typical rates being from . 80 to 1.50/minute. Some providers will offer better rates within specific geographic areas for even lower rates.

How much is Iridium a month?

Iridium GO! Airtime Service Plans

Plans Price Coverage
Iridium GO 10 $55.99/month Global
Iridium GO 100 $89.99/month Global
Iridium GO Unlimited $139.99/month Global

Are satellite phones illegal?

Satellite phone use is restricted and in some cases illegal, in a number of countries. Do your own research regarding the legality of satellite communication devices in your destination country. This includes phones and messaging devices.

Is a satellite phone traceable?

Are satphones traceable? Yes, they are. Satphones emit signal, which is traceable.

Can satellite phones be traced?

Why are satellite phones illegal?

A country may restrict satellite phone usage to combat terrorism or because oppressive regimes have less control over their citizens if satellite phones are allowed.

Can I turn my cell phone into a satellite phone?

Simply slip your Apple or Android smartphone into a Thuraya SatSleeve, or sync your device up to an Iridium GO! or Inmarsat IsatHub, and you can use your applications over a satellite network.

Can you use WhatsApp on Iridium GO?

Unfortunately Iridium GO is not able to provide a connection fast enough for WhatsApp. You would have to download a third party app and use it through the Iridium server. XWeb, for instance, is the web server. If you want to send short emails, text messages, and get weather reports it’s useful.

Does Iridium GO have GPS?

The GPS tracking is only available if you have bought your Iridium GO SIM card from PredictWind, and have purchased the PredictWind Standard package. If using GPS tracking on Iridium GO Basic Plan the cost for each SMS message is US$0.25.

Can police track satellite phones?

“Satellite phone tracking is not only possible, it’s widely used by military and security services,” one human rights-oriented technologist with experience training citizen activists in Syria told CPJ. Finally, satellite phones can be tracked through their own built-in GPS devices or weak encryption protocols.

What is the data rate for Iridium satellite phone?

Data Calls (via Access Number 88160000330) from a GO! terminal per min Discounted Double Data rate only applicable when using the SIM card in a GO Terminal calling the access number detailed above.

Are there any special rates for iridium go?

Monthly plans have a minimum term, the first month’s service charge is pro rata, the last month’s is not and is payable in full. These plans offer special discounts for dial up data calls from Iridium GO! terminals, however they can still be used in other Iridium equipment but without the special rate for data calls.

Can you use a go terminal with an Iridium phone?

These plans offer special discounts for dial up data calls from Iridium GO! terminals, however they can still be used in other Iridium equipment but without the special rate for data calls. See below for other Prepaid Iridium Plans can also be used in a GO Terminal however they do not receive any discounted rate for dial up data use.

What does cumulative validity mean on Iridium Extreme?

**Cumulative validity means that recharging the SIM will add the purchased minutes and extend the existing expiration by the additional validity period up to a maximum of 24 months.