How much does it cost to go to Anacapa Island?

Anacapa Island (AI)

Ticket Type Age Range Round Trip Day Passenger
Adult 13-54 Years $ 63.00
Senior 55 Years + $ 58.00
Child 3-12 Years $ 45.00
Infant (Must Reserve) Under 3 Years $ 00.00

How do I get to Anacapa Island?

Most boat trips depart from Ventura Harbor (home to the national park’s visitors centre) via operator Island Packers, and the majority go to the two closest islands, Santa Cruz and Anacapa. You can also reach the islands from Santa Barbara, by way of a Santa Barbara Sailing yacht, helmed by a U.S. Coast Guard captain.

How much does it cost to get to the Channel Islands?

There is no entrance fee. To visit one of the five islands, you’ll have to take a boat or plane. There are no services on the islands.

How long is the boat ride to Anacapa Island?

Anacapa Island Closest to the mainland of all the Channel Islands, tiny Anacapa is only 12 miles out to sea, and therefore the most visited: the boat ride over takes about an hour, and you can explore the entire island in just a half a day.

Which Channel island should I visit?

Santa Cruz has the best options for day hiking, although Anacapa has a shorter, flat-ish trail with amazing views (and lots of seabirds). If you’re looking to get on or in the water, then Santa Cruz Island is where to head.

Can you snorkel on Anacapa Island?

The kelp forests, sea caves, and coves of the park await the adventurous swimmer, snorkeler, and diver. Some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world can be done right here within the park. These activities are best done on Santa Barbara, Anacapa, and eastern Santa Cruz Islands.

Can you swim on Anacapa Island?

Ideal place for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and kayaking, but there are no lifeguards on the island. Since Anacapa is a cliff island, access to the water is only at the Landing Cove on East Anacapa via a dock. There are no other accessible beaches unless you have a watercraft.

Do people live in Anacapa Island?

All three islets have precipitous cliffs, dropping off steeply into the sea. Anacapa is the smallest of the northern islands of the Channel Islands archipelago, and is within the Channel Islands National Park….Anacapa Island.

Native name: Ennepah, ‘Anyapakh
County Ventura
Population 3 (2000)
Additional information

Are the Channel Islands worth it?

The Channel Islands are relaxing, beautiful and almost Caribbean if you get the right weather. It’s not just about Jersey and Guernsey either – the lesser-known, smaller islands are also worth your time.

Which Channel Island is best visit?

Is there cell service on Anacapa Island?

Do you get cell reception on the island? There is very little cell phone reception on most of the islands.

Which is the prettiest Channel island?

Jersey, the biggest of the Channel Islands, extends nine miles from east to west and five miles from north to south. This spectacularly beautiful island offers plenty of striking scenery, especially on the north coast with its high cliffs, rocky inlets, and caves.

How much is a day trip to Anacapa Island?

Anacapa Island (AI) Ticket Type Age Range Round Trip Day Passenger Round Trip Camper Transport Adult 13-54 Years $ 63.00 $84.00 Senior 55 Years + $ 58.00 $ 79.00 Child 3-12 Years $ 45.00 $ 61.00 Infant (Must Reserve) Under 3 Years $ 00.00 $ 00.00

What to see and do in East Anacapa?

Exploring East Anacapa’s two-mile trail system allows visitors to experience the island’s native vegetation, wildlife, and cultural history. Although for much of the year the island vegetation looks brown and lifeless, the winter rains transform the landscape.

How big is the Anacapa Island National Park?

They have a total land area of about one square mile (700 acres). Waves have eroded the volcanic island, creating towering sea cliffs, sea caves, and natural bridges, such as forty-foot-high Arch Rock-a symbol of Anacapa and Channel Islands National Park.

Where did the name Anacapa Island come from?

Anacapa Island. Crossing the channel to Anacapa Island, one begins to understand why the island’s name was derived from its Chumash Native American Indian name Anypakh. Seeming to change shape in the summer fog or afternoon heat, the three islets of Anacapa look like an island of deception or a mirage.