How much does parking at Gatwick cost?

Gatwick airport parking charges

Gatwick parking prices
1 week Park & Ride £41.35 £68.40
1 week Meet & Greet £57.99 £81.99
Hotel & 1 week parking £54.00 £69.00
0-30 mins Short Stay £4.00 £8.00

Is there free parking at Gatwick?

Anyone who does not wish to pay the forecourt charge will be able to drop off or pick up passengers in the airport’s long-stay car parks with two hours free parking and a free shuttle bus to the terminals. To drop off for free, drive to North Terminal long stay.

How much is it to park at Gatwick North Terminal?

Gatwick North Short Stay and Premium Parking Prices

Duration Short Stay Premium Parking
30 mins – 1 hour £8.00 £10.30
1 hour – 2 hours £13.00 £15.00
2 hours – 3 hours £15.00 £19.00
3 hours – 4 hours £19.00 £24.50

Can I leave my car at Gatwick Airport?

Official Gatwick Parking is the closest to the terminal We offer a selection of Short Stay parking choices, including options with same-level access to the terminals. All of our car parks also have plenty of allocated Blue Badge bays.

Is Long Stay Parking open at Gatwick?

Long stay. Long Stay North is open throughout the year and is just a 5 minute bus transfer to the terminal. The long stay car park allows you to park your car, keep your keys and take a short bus transfer to the north terminal. Ideal if you want to keep your keys and are going away for more than a few days.

Where can I park for free at Gatwick airport?

Here are some streets with free parking nearest to Gatwick Airport:

  • 2-hour free parking in the Airports long-stay car parks.
  • The Coronet.
  • The Close.
  • Haroldslea Close.
  • Haroldslea Drive.
  • Balcombe Gardens.
  • Avenue Gardens.
  • Silverlea Gardens.

Is long stay parking at Gatwick open?

Long stay. Long Stay North is open throughout the year and is just a 5 minute bus transfer to the terminal. If you are meeting someone at the airport, we offer two hours free parking in our long stay car parks with a fast, direct bus service to the terminal. Alternatively you can park in the short stay car parks.

How far is purple parking from Gatwick Airport?

approximately 3 miles
Purple Parking is located approximately 3 miles from the Gatwick Airport Terminals. Purple Parking run a free transfer shuttle to and from Gatwick Airport which take 10-15 minutes.

Can I extend my parking at Gatwick?

Answer If your flight is delayed you can simply pay for any additional parking time at our Gatwick Airport car parks on your return.

How much does it cost to park at Gatwick Airport?

Our Gatwick parking prices start from as little as £33.28 per week (that’s just £4.16 per day). The cheapest packages to keep an eye out for are: Purple Parking Park and Ride, Cophall Parking and APH Parking. Can I save money on my Gatwick parking? Yes, with Holiday Extras saving money on your Gatwick airport parking is easy!

Why is Park Mark safer at Gatwick Airport?

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award is a Police Crime Prevention Initiative designed to both reduce crime and the fear of crime in car parks across the UK. Our APH Gatwick Car Park is a proud holder of this award and you can use the table, above, to ensure the airport parking at Gatwick you choose is a holder of the Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Where is the drop off zone at Gatwick?

The North Terminal drop off zone is situated on the lower level forecourt between the Sofitel and the multi-storey car park. The South Terminal drop off zone is also located on the lower level. We recommend going to the Short Stay car park if you prefer to have a longer goodbye with your passenger (s) as the drop off zone can get very busy.