How much snow did Philly get?

Philadelphia’s snowfall brought the seasonal total to 22.5 inches — a few flakes higher than the average for a whole season, and for those keeping score that would be 73 times what fell during the entire winter of 2019-20. Elsewhere in the city, up to 5.5 inches was measured.

What year was the biggest snowstorm in Philadelphia?

Over the course of Jan. 6-8, 1996, it blanketed areas from central North Carolina to southern Maine, while immobilizing the Northeast corridor for days. To this day, the Blizzard of ’96 remains Philadelphia’s single biggest snowstorm on record with a total of 30.7 inches.

How much snow did Philadelphia get in the blizzard of 93?

“The storm produced an extremely rare, massive swath of 1- to 3-foot snowfall. When combined with wind gusts of tropical storm to hurricane force, it brought drifts as high as single-story homes to the Appalachians,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said.

What month does pa get the most snow?

Snow mostly accumulates during January and February. Typically, on one or two days in January and another one or two in February, the snow covering Philadelphia gets to five or more inches deep. For just one day a year on average, does the snow cover amount to ten inches or greater.

What was the worst snowstorm in Philadelphia?

Twenty-five years ago on Jan. 7 and 8, Philadelphia, with an unprecedented (and controversial) 30.7 inches of snow, was at the epicenter of one of the most extreme weather events in the nation’s history. From Virginia to Massachusetts, 20 inches or more accumulated in areas inhabited by 39.8 million people.

What was the worst blizzard in Philadelphia?

Blizzard of 1996
The Blizzard of 1996 was a severe nor’easter that paralyzed the United States East Coast with up to 4 feet (1.2 m) of wind-driven snow from January 6 to January 8, 1996.

What was the worst snow storm in Pennsylvania?

Click through these images to see the 10 biggest snowstorms in Lancaster County history.

  • January 7-8, 1996 — 30″ (Lancaster Newspapers)
  • January 22-23, 2016 26.7″
  • February 11-12, 1983 — 24″ (Lancaster Newspapers)
  • February 16-17, 2003 — 24″ (Lancaster Newspapers)
  • February 5-6, 2010 — 24″ (Lancaster Newspapers)

How much snow did Philadelphia get in the Blizzard of 1996?

30.7 inches fell in Philly in the ’96 storm, and 20 or more inches in areas inhabited by 38.9 million people.

What is the average snowfall in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia averages 13 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year. On average, there are 207 sunny days per year in Philadelphia.

Where is the most snow in PA?

The snowiest spot in Pennsylvania gets about 113 inches per year. Sometimes it snows in May. That’s true in the snowiest spot in Pennsylvania. Corry, a southeast Erie County city with about 7,000 residents, typically gets more snow each year than any other area in the state.

When does it snow in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia’s first snowfall of winter usually arrives in December, although for at least one in four years December gets no snow. Timing of the season’s last snowfall varies a lot from year to year in Philadelphia. The last snowfall can happen in February, March or April.

Where is snow in PA?

The heaviest snow in Pennsylvania fell in a swath from the Gettysburg area near the Maryland line in the south, straight north to New York, and northeast to the Pocono Mountains , the Lehigh Valley and the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre region. There are scattered power outages.