How old are pulley windows?

Weights and chains have been used to facilitate the operation of windows since the early 1700’s. This system has stood the test of time due to its sheer simplicity. The pulley is believed to date back to 1500 BCE, when the people of Mesopotamia used ropes and pulleys to hoist their water.

What is a rope window?

Window weight ropes, also known as sash cords, are common on homes with older windows. These ropes travel over a pulley and are tied onto a weight inside the wall, which helps keep a window open when you want it to stay open.

What are pulley windows?

Double-hung windows are machines Windows operated by weight and chain, or sometimes called weight and pulley, have a chain (or cotton cord) that connects the sash to a weight that is concealed in the wall next to the window.

What kind of rope do you use for old windows?

The best kind of rope for double-hung windows is cotton braided rope. Hemp rope isn’t appropriate. Full synthetic ropes tend to stretch too much and I’ve also found that they slide in the pulley tracks in awkward ways. For the majority of windows a #8 (1/4″) cotton rope will work best.

Are window weights still used?

Today, modern windows do not use weights, and they are made of a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. The purpose of a double hung window was to help with ventilation. The top sash could be lowered, allowing the hot air to leave the house, while the bottom sash was raised to allow the cool air in.

What is attached to a pulley and counterweight so that a window can be raised?

Each cord or chain passes over a pulley mortised into the window jamb near the top of the opening. The opposite end of each cord or chain is attached to an iron, steel or lead counterweight weighing one-half the weight of the sash it is balancing.

How do pulley windows work?

The basic principle of a weight and pulley balance system is a simple one: A vertically sliding sash is attached to and suspended by lengths of cord or chain. Each cord or chain passes over a pulley mortised into the window jamb near the top of the opening.

What is a single hung vinyl window?

What are single hung windows? Single hung windows have a fixed top sash and operable bottom sash that can be raised and lowered. Raising the bottom sash of the single hung window provide airflow and fresh air into your home while the top sash of the window remains stationary.

How is a pulley attached to a window?

The rope ties to the weight, wraps around the pulley, hides in a groove on the side of the window sash, and is secured in a little pocket. When replacing the ropes, I just tie a knot. Some jerks drove nails through my ropes so they were really difficult to remove.

What’s the best way to restore a pulley window?

Look at the paint buildup. It takes a lot of work to get things moving again. Once you’ve got access to both window sashes, inside and out, use a razor blade or sharp knife to cut between the sashes and the window box. You’ve got to break that seal. The next thing is to remove the trim that holds the bottom sash in place.

How do you tie a rope to a window?

Repeat to feed another rope over the pulley and through the jamb on the opposite side of the window. Pull the weighted object out of the panel and untie the rope. Tie that end of the rope to the top of one original window weights and set the weight back inside the panel.

How big of a pulley do I need for a sash window?

The diameter of the sash pulleys to be specified must be sufficient to suspend the counterweight free of contact with the window jamb. The sash pulley specified should be designed to carry one-half the weight of the glazed sash smoothly and dependably throughout the life of the window.