How old can bream get?

The black bream can grow to around 60cm and 5kg and live for at least 29 years. This species can complete its whole life cycle within estuaries, and indeed, black bream aren’t found along a large stretch of the Great Australian Bight because of the lack of freshwater in this region.

What size bream is legal?

Finfish bag and size limits

Species Size limits or legal length (cm)
Bonito Bonito
Bream & Tarwhine Bream (Black/Southern) 25 cm
Bream (Yellowfin) 25 cm
Tarwhine 20 cm

What is the biggest bream?

Common Bream This world record bream was caught in 2009 in the United Kingdom’s Ferry Lagoon gravel pit by Mark McKenna. It weighed 22 pounds, 9 ounces and measured 34 inches long.

Are bream slow growing?

In NSW waters, yellowfin bream are found primarily within estuaries and along nearshore beaches and rocky reefs, although they also occur within the lower freshwater reaches of coastal rivers. Yellowfin bream grow slowly, taking about 5 years to reach 23 cm fork length (FL).

How big can sea bream get?

In the wild, females are known to attain more than 70 cm in length and males a maximum of around 55 cm with maximum body weight of around 4 to 5 kg (Campillo, 1992).

Is sea bream a good fish to eat?

Sea bream is a healthy option, being low in calories and rich in B vitamins. A medium-sized portion will give you the recommended daily amount of vitamins and minerals to enhance the immune system and protect against heart disease and cancer.

Is bream a good fish to eat?

With dense, juicy white flesh, sea bream are usually sold whole or in fillets. With a satisfying meaty texture, a clean taste and a delicate flavour they’re a good choice whether you’re cooking fillets or opt to try a whole fish.

What bait is best for bream?

The best bait is fresh bait. Big bream go bananas over live prawns if you can get some, but fresh dead ones are nearly as good. Fresh fish flesh bait, like your striped tuna, frigate mackerel, slimy mackerel or mullet is also good bait for bream.

What is the longest bream ever caught?

The biggest bream ever caught during a mainland fishing competition was the stand-out catch during the grand final of the Squidgy Southern Bream Series, held on the NSW South Coast over the weekend. The massive 2.510kg (5.533 pound) black bream was caught in St Georges Basin by Team Fishing World’s Adrian Van.

How old do yellowfin bream live to be?

Yellowfin bream can live for more than 15 years, but they are most commonly harvested between five and nine years old (figure 2). An interesting biological fact about yellowfin bream is that most fish change sex, from male to female, during their life. This is referred to as being “protandrous”.

How big does a yellowfin bream bag have to be?

• There is a minimum legal length of 25 cm total length (approximately 22.5 cm FL) for yellowfin and black bream and a combined recreational bag limit of 20 for all bream and tarwhine.

How many yellowfin bream are harvested in Queensland?

Yellowfin bream are among the most popular fish harvested by recreational fishers in Queensland and New South Wales, with an estimated harvest in 2014 of 125 tonnes and 330 tonnes respectively.

What’s the difference between a yellowfin and a black bream?

The two species look similar but can be distinguished by their colouration. The ventral and anal fins of the Yellowfin Bream are yellow, but those of the Black Bream are brown to dusky. The body colour of the Black Bream tends to be darker. A Yellowfin Bream at a depth of 2 m, Bass Point, Shellharbour, New South Wales, March 2004.