How old is designer Jason Wu?

39 years (September 27, 1982)
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Who is Jason Wu’s husband?

Gustavo Rangelm. 2016
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Where is Jason Wu from?

Yunlin County, Taiwan
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Who is Jason Wu?

Jason Wu is a Taiwan-born, New York-based designer who has become a staple on the New York Fashion Week schedule, known for merging classic American sportswear elements with a sophisticated global attitude. From 2013 to 2018 he was creative director at Hugo Boss .

Who owns Jason?

Green Harbor
As the New York-based womenswear brand seeks to up its game in the fast-growing Chinese luxury market, it has been revealed that Jason Wu has been acquired by Shenzhen-based private equity fund Green Harbor.

Is Jason Wu married?

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Where did Jason Wu go to school?

Parsons School of Design | The New School2001–2004
Parsons School of Design | The New SchoolLoomis Chaffee SchoolEaglebrook School
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Where did Jason Wu study?

Is Jason Wu a luxury brand?

He is best known for designing the dresses of Michelle Obama on several occasions, including those worn during the first and second inauguration of American President Barack Obama….

Jason Wu
Occupation Fashion designer, artist
Label(s) Jason Wu Grey, Jason Wu Beauty

Is Jason Wu still in business?

Jason Wu is the firm’s first foray into fashion and also its first time backing a US-based company. The firm is acquiring its stake from InterLuxe, which, having owned JWU since 2014, is now exiting the company.

When did Jason Wu get married?

April 8, 2016 (Gustavo Rangel)
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Where did Jason Wu get married?

Personal life. Wu, who is openly gay, married Gustavo Rangel in April 2016 in Mexico.

Where was fashion designer Jason Wu born and raised?

Jason Wu, (born September 27, 1982, Taipei, Taiwan), Taiwanese-born fashion designer known for his sophisticated and well-crafted creations. In the early 1990s Wu’s family moved from Taiwan to Vancouver.

Who is the actor known as Jason Wu?

For the actor sometimes credited as Jason Wu, see Wu Jing (actor). Jason Wu ( Chinese: 吳季剛; pinyin: Wú Jìgāng; born September 27, 1982) is a Taiwanese-Canadian artist and fashion designer based in New York City.

Who is the photographer that photographed Jason Wu?

Jason Wu’s dresses were photographed underwater by Howard Schatz for Delta Faucet Company ‘s Brizo branded faucet campaign in 2006. In 2008 he was nominated for the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund award. Bruce Weber shot the designer for W magazine’s “Summer Camp” portfolio in July 2008.

Who was introduced to Jason Wu by Vogue magazine?

Michelle Obama is a noted Jason Wu customer. She was introduced to Wu by André Leon Talley, Vogue Magazine ‘ s editor-at-large, who had been advising the former First Family on their appearance.