How strong is Keroro?

Lifting Strength: Class 100 (Smashed the Platoon alarm with a 100 ton hammer.) Durability: Unknown (Keroro’s durability is hard to pinpoint as he uses toonforce squash and stretch physics for most of the times he gets hurt.

How old is Keroro?

According to Volume 25 of the manga, Keroro is 10500-years-old in Keronian years.

Does Tamama like Keroro?

Despite popular controversy, Tamama is actually bisexual. He loves Keroro but he also falls for an alien woman named Sayuri.

Is Keroro a frog?

Plot. The Keroro Platoon is a group of five, froglike alien soldiers from Planet Keron. They mean to conquer “Pekopon” (their name for “Earth”) but fail every time they try. Their leader, Sergeant Keroro, is incompetent and has little interest in conquering Pekopon.

How old is Giroro in human?

Keroro, Dororo, Giroro would be age 4500 years.

Is Sgt. Frog kid friendly?

While there are occasional swear words, mostly it’s kid friendly and adult entertaining fare. I’ve watched this series 4 times and highly recommend it. (While it’s dubbed in English, I like the Japanese language with subtitles best. Sergeant Frog is one of the funniest and silliest comedy series out there.

Is Tamama a girl?

Private Tamama (Sgt Frog Abridged)

Title Private, “Hun”
Gender Initially assumed to be male Revealed to be female
Race Keronian
Faction Keroro Platoon

Is Tamama male or female?

How old is Giroro?

Is Keroro Gunso finished?

The original Keroro Gunso series. The main storyline, which started in December 1999, is still currently running, even getting its own animated TV show and a re-released flash series.

Is Keroro gunso over?

Did Sgt. Frog End?

April 3, 2011
Sgt. Frog/Final episode date

What kind of Dragon is Giroro in Keroro?

In the fourth movie, Giroro is captured by Shion and is turned into a dragon. In this form he is a red dragon with large wings on his back. He has orange horns that are shorter than the others’. He also has a large cannon on one arm and missiles on the other. Giroro’s costume in the Musha Keroro saga and Keroro RPG.

Where can I find the Keroro Gunso manga?

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Is the Kero Ball in the anime or the manga?

Keroro possesses the Kero Ball in the manga, but Fuyuki has it in the anime. Because Giroro, Kururu, and especially Dororo are introduced in the anime much earlier than in the manga, several storylines not featuring them at all were modified to include them.

What kind of hair does Keroro have in the anime?

Keroro is an adult Keronian with green skin and a yellow star on his belly. The star insignia on his hat is red. Whenever Keroro is caught in an explosion he is seen with a large comical black afro (for comedic effect and actual headgear in some cases) which is a call to the anime’s first ending sequence “Afro Sergeant”.