The goal of the review assignment is to monitor recent development in a particular topic. The paper sums up the ongoing state of knowledge concerning the topic. An understanding of the topic is created by it for readers by means of the discussion of the results presented in current research papers.

A review paper is not just the report of a book. Instead of that, the review paper joints the results from a few major literary works. You really need to review articles from one or more sources to obtain examples of how your review paper writing must be organized.

Researchers generally utilize reviews in order to communicate with each other and their readers. There exists a wide variety of review styles from those directed at a general audience to those targeted at biologists within a certain subdiscipline.

The review paper key aspect lies in the fact that it offers the evidence for a certain viewpoint in the sphere. Therefore, a large focus here has to be the data description, which refutes or supports that point of view. At the same time, you have to inform readers regarding the experimental methods, which were applied in order to come up with the information. Remember that you can always ask for assistance if you need some help. Writing a review is not so easy as it may seem to be at first glance.


The Paper’s Overview:

Your paper should comprise four general parts:

  • Introductory paragraph
  • The main body
  • Future directions and conclusions
  • Works cited

Structuring the Paper

Apply topic headings. Do not apply the topic heading that states, “The paper body.” Instead of that, the headings have to reflect the actual ideas or concepts covered in that part.

What Goes into Each Part:

Background and Introductory Paragraph

  • Make it short (~1/5 of your paper’s complete length).
  • Attract readers’ interest when representing the topic.
  • Explain the relevance of the “big picture.”
  • Offer the necessary background details.

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The Main Body

  • Experimental Evidence: Depict essential results from recent literature articles and
  • Give explanations how those results refer to the current understanding of the topic.
  • Remember to point out the types of experiments conducted, but do not duplicate the experimental procedure. For example:
  • Indicate and address all controversies in the field.
  • Apply tables and/or figures to introduce your own synthesis regarding the original data or even to show crucial information taken straight from the original papers.


  • Succinctly sum up your major things.
  • Indicate the importance of these outcomes.
  • Discuss the issues that remain in the area.
  • Keep it short.

Works Cited

Your scientific supervisor will provide you with a minimum number of references needed for the paper. As usual, at least eight or ten references are expected.

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