How to use Dube vape pen?

Operating the Dube Air vape is simple. Just unscrew the clear mouthpiece, load the quartz rod atomizer, reattach the mouthpiece, then hold the button and inhale. The Dube Air vaporizer features a 280mAh battery that takes only 1.5 hours and features an output of 4.2v.

How do you use Dube?

Just a simple press of the button and Dube starts up. With a quick heat up time, this wax vape pen delivers a smooth, milky draw that you can see through the clear vaporizer mouthpiece. When the Dube needs charging just simply screw The Dube onto the 510 USB charger and wait just about 1.5 hours.

How do you use the white rhino HYLO?

How to Use the White Rhino Hylo:

  1. Fill your bullet with wax, oil, or dry herbs.
  2. Remove the mouthpiece and add the bullet to the heating chamber.
  3. Lock the mouthpiece into place.
  4. Press the function button three times rapidly and let the device begin to heat immediately.

What is white rhino vape?

The White Rhino Xtract is a compact wax vape pen that features a high-quality dual quartz atomizer. Equipped with a clear glass mouthpiece you are able to see your milky rich flavor rips. Standing only 5 inches tall the Xtract fit easily in your hand is pocket size for on the go vaping.

What is white rhino glass?

The White Rhino Glass Straw is a perfect solution for those looking for a way to take quick and convenient dabs on the go. Touch your straw to the sides of your concentrate, rather than putting concentrates in the tip, to prevent oils and waxes from being sucked up into the straw.

How do you use a wave vaporizer?

Put the mouthpiece on and hold down the herb button for 5 seconds and the button will blink indicating the herb bowl is heating up. Once the dry herb button stops flashing and becomes solid, the herb bowl is ready. Press the concentrate button and inhale.

What is a white rhino glass?

How do you clean a white rhino glass?

The Dabtainer by White Rhino is a small container that holds a pyrex glass tip and a small silicone jar. The glass tip is pulled from that container and turns into a straw to be used for concentrates. Cleaning Tip: Overtime silicone will attract dust and lint. To clean take a piece of tape and rub on silicone to clean.

Is white rhino glass good?

The White Rhino Glass Straw is a perfect solution for those looking for a way to take quick and convenient dabs on the go. The White Rhino Glass Straw works best with silicone jars or dishes that are heat resistant.

How do you use a white rhino glass dab?

This dab straw made of durable borosilicate glass is the simple way to dab without a rig or torch. There aren’t any parts to put together or connect and there’s no loading to do. When you want to take a dab, just heat the White Rhino’s pointed tip, put it in your concentrate, and inhale.

What flavor is sic Wave Bar?

S.I.C: a wonderfully blended juice that you will the craftsmanship that went into it. The profile is a strawberry ice cream flavor.

Can you use 70% alcohol to get reclaim?

If you plan to eat your reclaim, use a high-percentage grain alcohol (like Everclear) instead. Remove your nail and fill the rig’s chamber half-way with either ISO alcohol or grain alcohol. The less alcohol you use, the quicker it will evaporate later, so start small and add more if needed.