Is 18000 a good rank in Comedk?

According to 2018 cutoffs of COMEDK, with a rank of 18000, you can get a seat in top 10 colleges, although your branch may not be the top branch of the college. Similarly, you can get a seat at many other good colleges too. All the best.

What is a good rank in Comedk 2020?

The entrance exam is conducted for 180 marks. The marks vs rank analysis mentioned below is tentative, and it may vary with actual marks vs ranks of COMEDK 2021….COMEDK Expected Marks vs Rank Analysis 2021.

Score Range (Out of 180) Rank Range
99-90 5501-9700
80-80 9701-14000
79-70 14001-23000
69-60 23001-36000

Is 17000 a good rank in Comedk?

You have secured a decent rank (17000) in COMEDK UGET 2019 to get a seat in some good colleges. The colleges where you have a fair chance to admission are: Acharya Institute of Technology – INR 2.38 Lakh. NMAM Institute of Technology – INR 2.38 lakhs.

What is the rank for 50 marks in Comedk?

According to your marks your rank will be 25-30k . You won’t be able to get a good college with computer science branch.

What is the highest marks in Comedk 2020?

The highest marks were secured by a candidate from Uttar Pradesh at 169 out of 180….what is highest mark in Comedk in 2020.

Score Range (Out of 180) Rank Range
169-160 11-50

Is Comedk easier than Jee?

Yes, COMEDK is much easier than JEE Mains and BITSAT. If you are preparing for JEE Mains, then you can easily secure a good rank in COMEDK. COMEDK is a cakewalk for JEE aspirants. It is easier than JEE Mains.

Which is the best college under Comedk?

Top COMEDK Engineering Colleges with Opening and Closing Rank

Rank Engineering Colleges Closing Rank
1 R.V. College of Engineering 11469
2 PES Institute of Technology 20288
3 BMS College of Engineering 16373
4 M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology 30706

Is NCERT enough for COMEDK?

Yes, You can prepare well for COMEDK exam from NCERT books along with referring to some practice books. But keep in mind that COMEDK exam level is above your 10+2 exams. So you need a lot of concept clarity and practice to crack the entrance.

Which is the best college under COMEDK?

Is COMEDK easier than Jee?

How many students are appearing for COMEDK 2020?

Over 43,000 candidates appeared for the exam of which 14,322 were from Karnataka and 24,544 outside Karnataka candidates.

How to use COMEDK UGET College predictor tool?

Having a complete list of colleges that offer admission based on the marks can significantly help in selecting the best institute. COMEDK UGET 2021 college predictor is a perfect tool to know chances of admission to the top institutes as per the secured ranks. How to use COMEDK UGET College Predictor 2021 Tool?

Which is the best tool to predict colleges?

Well, to cover this, Careers360 presents COMEDK UGET 2021 college predictor tool that will help you to predict the best colleges that they can apply for admissions to. COMEDK UGET college predictor 2021 is very simple to use.

Which is the cut off for COMEDK for 2019?

The Cut Off for COMEDK 2019 will be separate for each category of the aspirant. The cut off also depends on the discipline opted by the candidates as well as the institutes preferred. Going through COMEDK Cut Off of previous years will give you an idea about what rank you should secure in order to get selected.