Is 23andMe worth the money?

The health DNA test from 23andMe provides a substantial amount of information from your DNA sample for a relatively low price. If you’re looking for a comprehensive health test that analyzes traits, disease risk, and carrier status, 23andMeis an excellent choice.

Does 23andMe show Native American?

While 23andMe can reveal genetic evidence of Native American ancestry, it cannot identify specific tribal affiliations. Take a DNA test with 23andMe and get a breakdown of your global ancestry, connect with DNA relatives and more.

Where can I find a review of 23andMe?

Apparently, I’m almost 100% British/Irish. Ditto 100% European (figures). The rest was either general knowledge (we all have Neanderthal DNA) or excruciatingly useless information, including probable likes and dislikes (mostly wrong, but they covered themselves with 50/50).

How long does it take to get your results from 23andMe?

Getting your results Once you mail back the kit, it usually takes 6-8 weeks for your results to be ready. You will receive an email as soon as they are. Once your results are ready, you will need to log in to the website to view them.

Is there an expiration date on the 23andMe test?

There’s no expiration dates on the kits, so feel free to buy them in advance and give them out later as birthday or Christmas presents (NOTE: the return shipping on the kit might expire eventually, but is certainly good for a few months). You can often find discounts on 23andMe tests, too, so be sure to check their website for the latest pricing.

What makes 23andMe better than the other companies?

The main advantage 23andMe has over every other company is that they are the only ones who offer a genetic health reports. If you want to know about how your DNA is likely to impact your health and wellness, 23andMe is your only choice.