Is Aldi night cream any good?

GHI expert verdict. Our testers loved how moisturising this own-brand night cream from Aldi felt. They loved its light texture that left no unpleasant residue and that it was easy to scoop out of the jar and smooth across the skin.

What does Lacura night cream do?

Product Description LACURA® Skin Science Renew Night Cream Q10 Plus is formulated with retinol complex, avocado lipids and coenzyme Q10 to help provide a protective anti wrinkle system while you sleep. Specially formulated for women 30+.

Are Lacura products any good?

Aldi says: Made with the finest, results driven ingredients the Lacura Q10 Renew Anti-Wrinkle Day and Night Cream help protect skin from premature ageing. The reviews say: ‘I have used both these products for a couple of years. They are creamy, feel luxurious and do not leave my skin feeling oily. Brilliant price too.

Does Aldi night cream have retinol?

Aldi’s Lacura Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream contains retinol complex is hailed for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and customers say it’s as good as designer brands.

Who makes Lacura skin care products?

Aldi makes its move Lacura made headlines in 2015 after it launched a copycat of La Prairie’s $550 Caviar Luxe Cream for just $12.

What company makes Lacura?

Who makes Lacura face cream?

Are Lacura products natural?

It is enriched with naturally derived ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil and oat kernel extract, and has the additional benefits of provitamin B5. Your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated.”

How is Aldi lacura caviar illumination night cream rated?

It scored six out of 10 in the lab assessment for making a marked improvement to skin hydration immediately and after six hours. We had 122 women test 10 own brand night creams over two weeks. They assessed the packaging, texture, effects on the skin and more.

Is the lacura Q10 anti wrinkle night cream Good?

Sinks straight into the skin and keeps the skin soft, feels great the next day. Great product, great value for money. Highly recommended. 3 of 3 people found this helpful. Did you? Created with Sketch. So I saw this at Aldi, amazingly. It was cheap, had good reviews, so I bought it.

Is the lacura healthy glow by Aldi a dupe?

A couple of weeks ago, Aldi released their Lacura Healthy Glow, an exfoliating toner that contains 5% Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera and Ginseng. Looking at the packaging, it’s pretty obvious that the Lacura Healthy Glow is practically a copy of the very famous Glow Tonic by Pixi Beauty.

What does lacura revitalise night cream do for your skin?

The jar says -When used regularly, Lacura Revitalise Night Cream optimises the skin’s structure, improves skin elasticity, & helps to reduce fine lines. The skin appears fresh, revitalised & radiant. After using it