Is Azis gypsy?

Vasil Troyanov Boyanov (Bulgarian: Васил Троянов Боянов; born 7 March 1978), professionally known as Azis (Bulgarian: Азис), is a Bulgarian recording artist, of Romani ethnicity….Azis.

Azis Азис
Birth name Vasil Troyanov Boyanov
Born 7 March 1978 Sliven, Bulgaria
Genres Chalga, pop-folk, Azis

Is Azis married?

Niki Kitaetsam. 2006–2008

Where is from Azis?

Sliven, Bulgaria
Azis/Place of birth

How tall is Azis?

1.87 m

Is Bulgaria in Africa?

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. Bulgaria is bordered by the Black Sea to the east, Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and Romania to the north.

How old is Azis?

43 years (7 March 1978)

What’s bad about Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is plagued by corruption and incompetence: there are numerous reports of appropriation of public property for cheap, traffic police can be bought for 20 lev (which can be a good thing to be honest but be careful, you need to receive a cue like the officer telling you, what are we going to do now, etc….).

Is Bulgaria a safe country?

Bulgaria is a very safe country. It scores high marks on the Global Peace Index of 2020, has a generally low level of serious crime, no real political upsets, and a complete lack of any terrorist threat. It is quite a laid-back, friendly with a welcoming population of people.

Do they speak English in Bulgaria?

A number of foreign languages are spoken in Bulgaria. Russian is the most commonly spoken foreign language in the country. 35% of the country’s population claim to possess a workable knowledge of this language. English is the second most common foreign language in Bulgaria.

Who is the singer of the song Hop by Azis?

Serbian pop-folk singer Dragan Kojić Keba covered the same song as “Ona to zna” (She knows), the Romanian singer Florin Salam as “Saint Tropez”. In November 2012, the Greek singer Giorgos Tsalikis made a cover of Azis’ song Hop, entitled Asto (Let it).

What kind of music does Azis listen to?

Azis (Bulgarian: Азис) (born Vasil Troyanov Boyanov; Васил Троянов Боянов) (born 7 March 1978) is a Bulgarian recording artist, of mixed Bulgarian and Roma ethnicity, and is non-binary. Azis initially rose to prominence in Eastern Europe performing songs mostly in chalga, a genre which can be described as the Bulgarian rendition of pop-folk.

Where did the song mrazish by Azis come from?

In August 2012, Anonymous used the video clip to Azis’ song “Mrazish” to deface the website of the Russian court Khamovnichesky, where the members of the band Pussy Riot were convicted. Azis was a contestant on the widely popular reality show Kato dve kapki voda, which is the Bulgarian version of Your Face Sounds Familiar.