Is bazaarvoice legit?

Bazaarvoice is a fantastic platform for reviews management, product/brand exposure and product sampling. The ability to respond to questions and reviews is invaluable since consumers are putting so much trust into feedback from other consumers.

What is bazaarvoice COM used for?

Bazaarvoice is a technology company that provides software that allows brands and retailers to collect and display several types of user-generated content (UGC) on their e-commerce websites.

What is network bazaarvoice com?

Bazaarvoice connects brands and retailers to consumers, so that every shopping experience feels personal. Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, more than 900 million consumers view and share authentic content including reviews, questions and answers, and social photos across 5,700 brand and retail websites.

Does bazaarvoice work with Target?

Target and Bazaarvoice have partnered to help brands build impactful user-generated content (UGC) programs on As the world’s leading UGC provider, Bazaarvoice works with the largest network of retailers, brands, and shoppers. That is how you drive sales on

How does bazaarvoice make money?

Bazaarvoice matches brand content to the product catalogs at retailer websites. Brands sell their products on a diverse set of retail sites. Because of that, we take on the task of matching brand CGC to the retailers that sell their specific products, and we do this step at scale.

What is a bazaarvoice rating count?

Bazaarvoice Conversations gives us the ability to respond to all 1-2-3 star ratings and some 5-star reviews also. We welcome 1-2-3 star reviews as it gives us an opportunity to let customers know we are responsive to their issues. Bazaarvoice Conversations is easy to train on for new employees.

Who uses Curalates?

About Curalate The Curalate Discovery-Driven Commerce Platform is in use by 800+ of the world’s most loved brands including Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, Sephora and J. Crew, touching hundreds of millions of consumers, monthly.

Who bought Bazaarvoice?

Marlin Equity Partners
Thomas H. Lee’s investment in Bazaarvoice Network values the advertising technology provider at over $1.5 billion, sources familiar with the deal’s terms told PE Hub. The private equity firm announced its acquisition of Bazaarvoice on Monday, providing a partial exit for existing investor Marlin Equity Partners.

How do you review products at Target?

Sign in to your account. Find the item you want to review on, look for the Guest Ratings & Reviews section on the product page, and select Write a review. Or find the item on your Order Details page and select Write review. Complete the required fields and select Submit review.

How does Bazaarvoice syndication work?

What is Bazaarvoice API?

The Bazaarvoice Conversations API provides access to CGC data in the form of Reviews, Questions, Answers, Stories, Comments, and Profiles, as well as product catalog and statistical data, and allows submission of some of these types of data.

What are ratings and reviews for?

Ratings and reviews allow customers to share their experience with a product or service, and give it an overall star rating. After price, reviews are the second-most important factor to customers making a purchase decision.

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