Is COEP good for civil engineering?

It is a good college for engineering, and placements are easily available for average students. Placements: The highest salary package offered is 19 LPA. Students always get good marks in their semester examination, and then companies select students with a good salary package.

Who got highest package in COEP?

College Of Engineering Pune, has conducted its final placement drive of 2020. COEP has once again shown an impressive placement record this year. 607 students of COEP were placed in 188 companies….College Of Engineering, Pune Placements 2020 Highlights.

Highest CTC INR 39.2 LPA
Top Recruiters Akash Institute, ABB, BOSCH

Does Microsoft recruit from COEP?

Software giant Microsoft broke its own record of Rs 37 lakh per annum, by offering Rs 39 lakh per annum to five students from College of Engineering Pune (CoEP), two each from Cummins College of Engineering for Women and the Army Institute of Technology.

What GATE score is required for COEP?

From last year i.e 2018 we can take that the range of cutoff was from 244 – 320 GATE Score for your category.

Which branch is best in COEP?

Computer science is the best branch in college, and all other branches are also good. Infrastructure: Facilities and infrastructure are very good.

Is Vjti better than COEP?

Answer. According, to careers 360 COEP has AAAA+ rating which means outstanding and VJTI has AAAA rating which means good. If we compare both the colleges in terms of placement then both are good colleges but if you have to choose one you can go for COEP.

Does Google come to COEP?

Google Student Club, established in 2013 in College Of Engineering Pune is the only Google – affiliated in COEP.

Is COEP better than nit?

When it comes to placements, CS and IT branches at COEP receive better opportunities than NIT Rourkela. Since Pune is known to be an IT focal point, students are able to seize internship programs held by various companies, in their 2nd and 3rd year of engineering itself.

What is gate cut off score?

GATE 2021 Qualifying Cutoff

GATE Paper 2021 GATE Qualifying Marks
Mathematics 29 26.1
Electrical Engineering 30.3 27.2
Computer Science 26.1 23.4
Electronics and Communication 25 22.5

How is GATE score out of 1000 calculated?

Good Score for GATE Though GATE exam is out of 100 marks, GATe score is calculated out of 1000, by extrapolating the GATE exam score using factors like mean, standard deviation of all applicant scores. Percentile Score is not the percentage of mark.

Is there ragging in COEP?

No Ragging! COEP is a campus which has a strict anti-ragging policy.

Does CoEP have uniform?

College uniform is mandatory for students to be present in the Campus Recruitment Programme, failing which students will not be allowed to seat for campus interview. Any student who has already received a PPO must inform the Placement office of the same as soon as possible.

What are the goals of the curriculum engine?

The Curriculum Engine is a tool to help teachers lead their students to success. The goals of the Curriculum Engine are… Fast access to curriculum information, Powerful collective knowledge stored in one place, and a. Collaborative instructional planning tool.

Which is the oldest department of civil engineering?

The department of Civil Engineering established in 1854 has the distinction of being the oldest department in the institute. It has set up a great tradition of producing distinguished engineers such as Bharat Ratna late Sir. M. Visvesvarayya who through his countless works is synonymous with Civil engineering.

Is there a PhD in civil engineering in Pune?

The department offers consultancy in various fields of Civil engineering to reputed government and private sectors. Recently PhD course in Civil engineering is also offered.