Is fishing good in Roatan?

The calm seas of the island are considered one of the best sport fishing spots in the Caribbean. Fish commonly caught in Roatan include wahoo, yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi, barracuda, blue marlin, white marlin and sail fish.

How is the fishing in Roatan?

Many boat captains choose to fish along the shoreline. The fishing is good, and customers are never too far from firm land in case they start to get sea-sick. It only takes minutes to get to the fishing zone and the blue waters of Roatan. The water around the barrier reef is deep.

Do you need a fishing license in Honduras?

F.A.Q.’s on Fly Fishing Honduras. Q: Do I need a fishing license? A: No.

Can you spearfish in Roatan?

As a marine reserve, it’s illegal to spearfish in the Roatan Marine Park. The Roatan Marine Park Lionfish License is $50 and includes a registered spear, the workshop and your license, which is valid for 2 years.

What kind of fish can you catch in Roatan?

The most common fish caught trolling in the seas of Roatan are tuna, mahi, wahoo and marlin. Close in proximity to Puerta Azul, along the north coast of the island, you will find many flats boasting permit, bonefish and tarpon. These areas are only accessible by shallow boat.

What kind of fish are in Honduras?

Order Family FishBase name
Pleuronectiformes Achiridae Mazatlan sole
Cyprinodontiformes Anablepidae Pacific foureyed fish
Anguilliformes Anguillidae American eel
Siluriformes Ariidae Mayan sea catfish

Is it illegal to spear lobster?

Yes, you can (14 CCR Section 29.80 (g)), but you cannot use such equipment to help you catch lobsters. The rule was written so you can spear for finfish and catch lobsters by hand on the same dive, not to allow you to take lobsters with the assistance of spearfishing equipment.

Are you allowed to fish in the Caribbean?

Yes and No. You need to have a license to fish from a vessel. However, you aren’t required to have one when fishing from land. Contact the Fisheries Division to arrange a fishing permit that allows you to fish from your boat in Antigua.

Are there lionfish in Roatan?

On Roatan, spearfishing is illegal, save for one fish – lionfish. While they are a welcome sight in Southeast Asia and Australia, they are an invasive species in the Americas, throwing off the natural balance of the reefs. There are even cookbooks dedicated only to lionfish recipes!

Is spearfishing legal in Honduras?

All spearfishing in a marine protected area is illegal in Honduras. However, with a Roatan Marine Park issued Bay Islands Lionfish Spearing License, visiting and local divers and free divers are legally allowed to use a Hawaiian sling or pole spear of up to 3 feet, only to hunt lionfish.

What is the best time to catch lobster?

However, they are majority caught from the beginning of July and late December. This is the time when lobster is most active. Lobster can also be harvested during the Winter and early Spring months, but in smaller quantities.

Can you eat California spiny lobster?

For the most part, the only edible part of California spiny lobsters is the tail. They lack the large claws found on their more well-known Maine cousins and what’s to be found inside the carapace can best be described as an acquired taste. The tail however, is a delicacy that is well worth experiencing.

Which is the best fishing charter for Roatan?

Bay Islands Adventures Highly recommend this trip to see the island, snorkel beautiful areas, meet amazing people, be pampered and relax. 9. Jackson Marine Adventures Jackson Marine Adventures is now our go to charter for great snorkeling and fishing trips, Our first trip with Joseph…

Which is the best fishing company in Cabo San Lucas?

Redrum Sportfishing Awesome crew, fantastic service and highly recommend for your next fishing experience in Cabo. 13. Lands End Charters Best fishing experience of our lives!! Also, pancho the sea lion being on the back of the boat is the coolest trip ba…

Where can I catch a flight to Roatan Honduras?

Many of Roatan’s visitors arrive on cruise ships taking a tour of the Caribbean. If you want something a little more direct, you can catch a flight from Miami, Dallas, Houston, or Atlanta, as well as various cities on the mainland. Roatan has it all: island bliss with great fishing and an eye to keeping it that way.

Where to go deep sea fishing in Honduras?

Roatan Deep Sea Fishing. Honduras means “depths” in Spanish, and the waters around Roatan are plenty deep enough for some serious bluewater battles. You can be fishing in 1,000 feet of water less than 5 miles from shore around most of the island. Blue Marlin top the list of Roatan’s big game species, but they’re not alone.