Is haazen Darth Sion?

In 3963 BBY, the Sith Acolyte Haazen prophesied that the Jedi Guardian Lucien Draay would teach Haazen’s new Sith, suggesting “Darth Sion” as a possible name he could take; Haazen was later defeated and Draay turned away from the path of the Lord of Pain.

Who trained Darth Sion?

Darth Traya
Master. Darth Sion was taught by Darth Traya. He betrayed his master with the help of Darth Nihilus. Later though, when Darth Traya returned to Malachor V to wait for the Jedi Exile, he returned to his master in shame.

Is Darth Nihilus still canon?

No, but he could be in the future. I think Lucasfilm/Disney is hesitant to actually contradict the KOTOR stuff, especially while the mmo is still running.

Who defeated Darth Traya?

With the two, she formed and became the Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate, at war with the Jedi and ruling over the remnants of Revan’s Sith forces left from the Jedi Civil War. Eventually, Traya was overthrown by Sion and Nihilus, who stripped their Sith Master of her connection to the Force.

Why does Darth Nihilus wear a mask?

Sometime between 3960 BBY and 3952 BBY the ravages of an insatiable dark hunger for the Force destroyed Darth Nihilus’s physical body to the point where he was compelled to bind his life-force into his robes and armor—including a facial mask—in order to avoid death and give himself a palpable form which allowed him to …

What happened to Darth nihilus mask?

The lost mask of Darth Nihilus was imbued with the dark energy of the Sith Lord, allowing any who wore the ghost-white mask the power to wield the Force as if they were a Sith apprentice. Later, the mask was recovered from the crashed smuggling ship, Nashuaga, on the planet Volik.

Was Darth Nihilus a Mandalorian?

Origins. Malachor V after the battle The Human male who would one day be known as Darth Nihilus, Dark Lord of the Sith, was alive at the conclusion of the Mandalorian Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders and the Galactic Republic.

Can Darth Vader beat Darth Nihilus?

One of the three powerful members of the Sith Triumvirate, Darth Nihilus suffered from a severe Force hunger. In a direct duel with him, Vader would also be challenged by his combination of powerful abilities including Force Rage, Lightning, Resistance and Scream – skills that Anakin is in possession of.

Was Darth Traya Revan’s master?

You may be looking for Atris, a fallen Jedi also known as Darth Traya. Kreia was a Jedi Master and historian who was exiled by the Jedi High Council because her students followed the Jedi Knight Revan, her former Padawan, to wage war against Mandalorians invading the Galactic Republic.