Is Hinamori in love with Aizen?

Her love for books has developed since Aizen regularly gave her the books he had read. Though normally kind, her rare bouts of anger can appear rather menacing, such as her outrage at Captain Gin Ichimaru when she blamed him for killing Aizen. While serving as his lieutenant, Momo greatly respects and admires Aizen.

Does Hinamori love Toshiro?

Which brings us to the question: Even if Hitsugaya is in love with Hinamori, does she love him back? The simple answer is no. Hinamori loves Hitsugaya, non-debatable. But she still sees him as “Shiro-chan” in the manga.

What happened to Hinamori?

Momo Hinamori (雛森 桃) is the lieutenant of the 5th Division. She formerly served under Captain Sosuke Aizen, until the latter betrayed the soul society. She now currently serves under Captain Shinji Hirako.

What does Tobiume mean?

in Japanese, it means flying plum tree.

Did Hinamori sleep with Aizen?

#5: He was possibly sleeping with her. I won’t go into the arguments here, but the gist of it is: Hinamori spent the night in Aizen’s room the night he faked his death, and the manga makes it look like she sleeps in his bed.

Does Toshiro hitsugaya like Karin?

Karin is even the girlfriend of her Captain and long-time best friend, Toshiro Hitsugaya.

Does Toshiro Hitsugaya like Karin?

Who is Toshiro Hitsugaya wife?

Rangiku Matsumoto
Tōshirō Hitsugaya

Tōshirō Hitsugaya
Partner Rangiku Matsumoto
Base of Operations Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Grandmother

Does Aizen have a bankai?

Aizen has no bankai! Fandom. Aizen has no bankai! Well what if he never really did, his Shikai’s ability was hypnosis right, for all we know he never achieved bankai and just made everyone think he did!

Who is Zanpakuto Minazuki?

Minazuki (肉雫唼) is the manifested spirit of Retsu Unohana’s Zanpakutō.

How is a Zanpakuto created?

Zanpakutō are born with their Shinigami, and they die along with their Shinigami. Shinigami use them in battle as a reflection of their heart. Because they are bound to this blade, it is impossible for members of the family to create their own unique Zanpakutō.

Does Toshiro hitsugaya like Momo?

Toshiro Hitsugaya seems like a bit of a loner, but that’s not totally true. A prologue chapter shows us the charming friendship of both Toshiro and Momo, and they grew up as neighbors. In fact, Momo went to the Soul Reaper academy before Toshiro did.

Who is the spirit of Momo Hinamori’s zanpakuto?

For her Zanpakutō and its abilities, see Tobiume. Tobiume (飛梅) is the manifested spirit of Momo Hinamori ‘s Zanpakutō .

What kind of katana does Momo Hinamori use?

Tobiume(“Flying Plum Tree”) is a kidō type zanpakutō, which suits Momo well given her mastery of kidō. In its sealed form, Tobiume resembles a regular katana, the only difference being the five-petal design stamped onto the rectangular cross guard with a red handle.

Who is Momo Hinamori in the Bleach manga?

Momo Hinamori (雛森 桃, Hinamori Momo) is the lieutenant of the 5th Division, formerly under Captain Sōsuke Aizen and currently under Captain Shinji Hirako . Momo has brown eyes, and wears standard Shinigami robes, with her black hair pulled into a bun held in a tied cloth. When in her Shinigami robes, she wears the 5th Division’s lieutenant armband.

What kind of energy does Momo Hinamori have?

In this form, Tobiume focuses Momo’s spiritual energy, eventually turning it into many pink-colored energy bursts. These bursts of energy are capable of destroying whole floors and breaching walls. Hinamori can also compress her power into a single massive energy ball.