Is Howard Miller still in business?

Origins of the Howard Miller Clock Company In 1937, Herman’s son, Howard, created a spinoff of the original company and formed the Howard Miller Clock Company. The two companies still exist today, even though they actually have nothing to do with each other.

How do I contact Howard Miller?

Howard Miller Company offers its products to residential customers.

  1. SECTOR. Consumer Discretionary.
  2. INDUSTRY. Consumer Discretionary Products.
  3. SUB-INDUSTRY. Home & Office Products.
  4. INCORPORATED. 01/07/1946.
  5. ADDRESS. 860 East Main Avenue Zeeland, MI 49464 United States.
  6. PHONE. 1-616-772-9131.
  8. NO.

How much is a Howard Miller grandfather clock worth?

A high quality, working antique grandfather clock rarely costs less than $3000. The rarest grandfather clocks, such as those made during the aforementioned Golden Age, can be worth as much as $100,000.

How do I fix my Howard Miller clock?

How to Adjust a Howard Miller Clock

  1. Move only the minute hand counterclockwise to set both the hour and minute.
  2. Push the winding key into the holes on the dial face.
  3. Move the chime dial located next to the dial to select the preferred chime melody.

Is Howard Miller a good brand?

Howard Miller is a brand synonymous with “incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality, and a quest for perfection.” It’s what Howard C. Miller insisted on when he founded the company back in 1926, at the age of 21.

What is the most expensive grandfather clock?

1. Duc d’Orleans Breguet Symapthique Clock – $6.8m (£5.2m) The most expensive clock ever sold at auction was created in 1835 of Ormolu-mounted tortoiseshell, with a gold pocket watch mounted atop the piece. This particular clock was expertly restored and once owned by the Time Museum in Rockford Illinois.

Are Howard Miller clocks good?

Howard Miller clocks offer Quality, Selection and Value. Incomparable workmanship, unsurpassed quality and a quest for perfection. It’s what Howard C. Miller insisted on when he founded Howard Miller Clocks back in 1926, at the age of 21.

Do grandfather clocks increase in value?

Chances are, if you purchased a high-quality clock and spent some time maintaining it through the years, you may get more than you paid for it. Expect that your grandfather clock could be worth anywhere from $200 to $20,000 depending on the features and the condition of the clock.

How do you fix a clock that has been wound to tight?

Turn the key slowly and just a half turn at a time. Wind it up until it stops. Do not try to force it to wind any further. Even though it is impossible to over-wind your clock, it is also not necessary to wind it until the last possible click of the ratchet.

Are Howard Miller clocks expensive?

Howard Miller Clocks offers hundreds of items to complement any decor ranging from portable alarm clocks to desk sets to wall and mantel clocks to collectors cabinets to limited edition grandfather clocks. And in price ranges that may surprise you – from $15 to $15,000.