Is Irreversible a good film?

“Irreversible” is a movie so violent and cruel that most people will find it unwatchable. Some of the critics at the screening walked out, but I stayed, sometimes closing my eyes, and now I will try to tell you why I think the writer and director, Gaspar Noe, made the film in this way.

Did Alex survive in Irreversible?

Alex lives a happy life with Marcus. She enjoys spending time going to the park to read. This is the very last scene of the movie. We’ll get back to this segment again in the end.

What happens to Alex in Irreversible?

The movie repeatedly keeps time jumping back to earlier parts of the evening, and we learn the reason why Marcus was looking for La Tenia is that his girlfriend, Alex, was brutally raped and beaten after leaving a party they were attending together.

What kind of film is the movie irreversible?

Irreversible is a thought provoking tale of revenge and the irreversible time. The film is shot in a style that connects all the shots together to make it appear as one continuous long shot.

Who are the main characters in the movie irreversible?

Though well-filmed, Irreversible feels gratuitous in its extreme violence. Read critic reviews A woman’s (Monica Bellucci) lover (Vincent Cassel) and her former boyfriend (Albert Dupontel) take justice into their own hands after she becomes the victim of a rapist.

Who is the violent monster in the movie irreversible?

At the same time, and this is significant, Marcus is the violent monster of the opening scenes, and the crime has not yet been seen; it is double ironic later that Marcus assaulted the wrong man. 4. The party scenes, and the revealing dress, are seen in hindsight as a risk that should not have been taken.

Why is the movie irreversible told in reverse chronological order?

The plot is told in reverse chronological order. This means that the early parts of the movie show the most distressing and difficult material and as the movie continues it gets progressively lighter, and therefore ends ironically on a happy ending.